I’m back and on a new website.

One more kid (up to 3), a brand new house (still waiting to close), and the blessing of a good job during this trying time. I got sidetracked with my weight loss last time due to an injury. I gained back some of the weight, not all of it or more which I feel good about. It was hard to get back into exercise after the injury and then the building of the house consumed all of my time. Now we have time, SPACE, and I’m motivated. I work with guys who think healthy, eat healthy and struggle with staying in shape. It’s great to talk to them about new recipes that taste good and that are good for me. My wife is on board to with what we eat as a family. She’s already in great shape but it was bugging me how we were eating processed food like the Mac and Cheese all the time.

Starting photo

Starting photo


So it’s been 2 weeks since I started up again. I initially weighed 278 and I am now at 269, 7lbs the first week and 2lbs this last week. It may have been too much broccoli or other thing but at least the other things were healthy and I still lost 2 lbs. My exercise is focusing on the treadmill with a push to run more than I did last time. I’m also getting more into weights, pull-ups (50 reps before every other time on the treadmill) and built a step just to work/build other muscles. When my hands start getting bored on the treadmill, I pull out 2 5lb weights for resistance. Time on the treadmill varies a lot. The shortest was 30 minutes. The longest was today for 1 hour 40 minutes because I wanted to see what happened after 99:59. It stopped. The treadmill said I burned 1150 calories but it’s hard to trust. I don’t think I’ll be doing much of that. I’m going to keep it around 30 to 40, varying speed and incline and really work at keeping my heart rate up and my breathing hard.

So that’s it for this post. I’ll try to be more consistent and posts closer to a daily schedule. It may be boring but I’m just doing this for me. Maybe it will help somebody someday.


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