So sleepy

There’s been a cough going around the house and I know that getting sleep is pretty important to fight against it and also I can’t be stressing out my body to lose weight.  So I slept.  Getting ready was rewarding in that I can feel how my clothes are more loose.  Had a bowl of Almond Nut Crunch and an apple.  Lunch was the continuing saga of getting rid of the campbell’s chicken soup.  4 more cans of MSG chicken and then I’m done.   

Tonight my wife made pork, carrots, and multi-grain rice so that was really good to come home to.  I made her know I appreciated it.   One thing I’m doing is not cutting out on all the foods that I love, but on the quantities.  We have these tiny storage containers for leftovers of kids food.  That is now my bowl for ice cream.  Just a tiny bit and I’m satisfied.  It worked last week and I want to see if it trains me to learn about portions.

I did get my work out in tonight.  Feel good but trying not to push it too much.  Going to keep trying to run but focusing more about being to the point of breathing hard that I know I’m working.  It’s work, but it’s only for 40 minutes.  It’s not that bad.


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