That was good.

Today is my last day before a one day break.  I love Thursdays, but I love Wednesdays more.  I started the day with a good time on the treadmill.  The last time I exercised consistantly I followed a program that I set up on a treadmill.  It was good and I did adjust it as I went but it got repetitive.  This time I’m just doing it as I go.  It makes the time go by faster, I’m not anticipating what is coming up next or how long it will take to get there.  

Today was a busy day with the funeral of my great uncle which took 2 hours of my lunch.   I had 2 hours to catch up with emails and then left early again for the burial service.  Not fun with a blizzard but you do what you have to do for family.  Tonight my wife made meatballs and gravy (really had to limit that) peas/carrots, and whole grain pasta.  I’m glad she made something like that which is not so bad but I know I couldn’t have much, so I didn’t.  I got some more carrots to compensate and felt fine.

Tonight I did something different.  Circuit training.  It was the best thing ever.  I maybe over did it but I was having such a good time and enjoying every little part of it.

This is where I’m getting my start.  I added a couple of things to it and will look to try other training.  It just felt like I was in a class, moving around to try other things.  It was great.  


1 cup of oatmeal with bananas

Mid morning

apple, celery, graham cracker


Chicken soup, 100 calorie chocolate covered graham crackers, carrots

Afternoon snack

Almonds and Soy Nuts, not too many


Meatballs, whole grain pasta, peas and carrots

Late snack (8pm) 

yogurt with wheat germ


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