Two Admissions

The first admission was something I did this morning.  I had a good workout on the treadmill this morning and felt great to how my body was making me feel.  Then I saw the email.  A co-worker brought in a salsa dip and chips.  Now I have been doing really good with avoiding the treats that people bring in but this was my favorite.  Tons of peppers, onions, seasoning and yes, cream cheese.  I did have some.  One bowl.  But I know that I can’t say absolutely nothing anymore.  I have to allow myself to have a treat like that and feel good that I have control over it and all the other food that I used to eat.  So no, I’m not falling off the wagon.

Second admission.  The Biggest Loser.  It’s a motivation for me.  I don’t expect to lose that much weight for each week.  I’m not under the supervision of experts, eating meals prepared by professional chefs or working out 6 hours a day.  I just like watching the workouts, watching them sweat, and a little bit of the drama.  During the first hour I washed dishes and ate a yogurt.  Second hour, went back to my step to work off some of that treat from this morning.  I held 10 lb weights while during the show and then would do some weight lifting to work out different muscles during the commercials.  It was different and I wasn’t trying to get an intense workout but by 30 minutes I had a really good sweat going on.  I really love my step and am going to try to reinforce it to make it stronger, make it last.  Oh, I did do a cool down of walking in place for the last 10 minutes of the show so I’m still trying to do it smart.


Bowl of Special K Banana and Almond (yummy), a banana, and an apple


Chips and Salsa, carrots, cucumbers


Salad with tuna and cucumber ranch dressing (tried smaller portion and it was fine), 100 cal snack Fudge Graham cracker


A little bit of Cheerios, smaller portions of almonds and soy nuts


Spaghetti, fudge Graham cracker


yogurt with granola


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