Day off

No exercise today but I think my body is adjusting to waking up that early.  I was up by 6:10 for the day.  I just laid there and enjoyed the feeling of not having to do anything for this morning.  Not that I was getting out of exercising, but that I had earned a morning off.  

Had a little bit of a revelation today.  I was thinking how I love the salads but how I was still eating more of my calories in the evening, when I don’t need them.  So tomorrow I’m going to have something heavier in calories for my early lunch and then have my salad in the evening.  My wife has talked about it a long time ago but now it just makes sense to me.  It clicks.  Hopefully this will help keep down my craving for higher calorie snacks and get me further down the path of eating the right food.


Cheerios, banana, apple

Early lunch

Tuna salad with cucumber ranch dressing, soy nuts and almonds, 1 graham cracker

Late lunch

Cheerios, 100 calorie Ritz mix snack, cucumbers


Stir fry with chicken, 1 small container of sugar free peanut butter cup ice cream


yogurt with granola


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