Weigh Day

Down 3 lbs this week to a weight of 262.  I’m so glad to see the loss knowing how much circuit training I’m doing and gaining muscle. I can feel my arms getting smaller in my shirt sleeves and my back and legs definitely are stronger.  Tonight I tried a new circuit training starting to focus more on my core muscles.  It lasts a bit longer and is really hard so I think I’m going to save it just for Saturday.  Oh, and this morning I was able to run for 20 minutes again.  I’m going to keep trying to run first just to help build my endurance but I also want to be aware of my joints.  There has been some arthritis in my family so it needs to be watched.

I ate a little more today but I worked out pretty hard today too.


Oatmeal and a half a banana

Early lunch

Tuna sandwich, soy nuts

Late lunch

Tuna salad, chocolate chip cookie, 8 almonds, carrots


2 slices of home made, whole wheat, pepperoni pizza (it was really good), 8 quaker rice chips, half cup of ice cream


yogurt with granola


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