Weigh Day

I lost 5lbs this last week for a total of 23lbs.  Just when I’m second-guessing my calorie intake I have a week like this.  It feels so good to have an above normal week and I am going to take pride in this one.  I was looking at my spreadsheet for weight loss tracking.  It breaks down to a schedule that is for losing on average 1.5lbs, then 2lbs, then 2.5 lbs.  Right now I am 8lbs ahead of the 2.5lbs schedule so I’m enjoying that buffer.  I know that for the most part the weight loss will be around 2lbs per week with a few weeks where there might be no weight loss.  But it’s great to see progress.  Another milestone is that 255 marks a 40lb weight loss of when I was at my heaviest, 295lbs.  The only time I want to see these numbers is in my memories.

I forgot to mention.  Yesterday I was able to fit into a pair of jeans that I bought almost 2 years ago.  At that time I had lost some weight and this pair was supposed to be my next pair to fit into.  I never got to it because I got sideline by an injury and then by the busyness of building our house.  What is really significant about these pants is that they are size 38.  I am out of the 40’s!  Still a long ways to go but yay!

Today’s workout was a lot of work.  I kinda push it on Saturday’s and I think I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.  This morning I continued the alternating speeds but this time pushed the fast part to 5mph and added one set so I went to 45 minutes.  Treadmill said I burned 660 calories.  There was a lot of sweat with that one.  This late afternoon I did try another circuit training that had to do with my core.  It says to do 3 circuits but I could only handle 2.

10 minutes of warm-up on the treadmill.

40 steps

Romanian Dead Lift 10lb weight 15 per side.  Holding a 10lb weight and bending my back over til the weight is below/at the knee.  One leg is straight while the other is raised backwards.  Great for balance and it really pulled at my hamstrings.

40 steps

Wood chop 15 per side.  Making a woodchopping movement.  Simple

40 steps

Alternate lunge with rotation and 5lb weight 10 per side.   This one hurts.  Take the weight and extend it straight in front.  Step forward with right leg, bend down, and then extend to the right.  Bring weight back to center and then pull back to stand straight.  Ouch.

40 steps

Plank press, hold for 30 seconds

40 steps

20 Pushup

40 steps

Twist crunch on ball, 15 per side.  

Maybe in 2/3 weeks I’ll be ready to add a 3rd repetition.


2 eggs and 2 toast 2 celery

Early lunch

yogurt with granola, 1 reese cup egg thingy, soy nuts and almonds, carrots

Late lunch

Tuna salad with cucumber ranch dressing, 1 fudge covered graham cracker, almonds, 1 reese’s cup egg thingy


2 slices of pizza


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