Today was just a frustrating day.  I had 2 good workouts with high intensity interval training on the treadmill this morning and then a good circuit training tonight.  It was the snacking that I’m frustrated with today.  At work we had to test a new program and the schedule really killed my normal schedule for eating.  And then at the test lab they were passing out cookies all the time and I had 2 good size cookies.  Not that it’s completely bad that I ate 2 cookies but I felt I had no power over them.  It just hung over me the rest of the day.

When I got home, the salad was not enough.  I ate a couple handful of almonds, a handful of soy nuts, a handful of peanut butter Kix, a piece of garlic toast with too much butter on it……   Every time I passed the pantry I was thinking of food.  Maybe it wasn’t so bad since I burned a ton of calories today but I felt like food owned me and I hate that.   I had a mental goal that I wanted to lose 4lbs this week but probably ruined that today.  I wanted to smash that 250lb mark……

So I need to go to bed, to rest, take tomorrow off and reset.  Take account for where I’m at and be proud of it.  It is a good accomplishment and the right start to where I’m want to be.  


2 Whole Wheat waffles, 1 fiber bar


2 small peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat, carrots and celery, 1/4 cup of trail mix, 2 graham crackers


2 cookies, 1/2 cup of cheeries


Salad, soy nuts, almonds, Peanut butter Kix, garlic toast


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