New workout

Tonight, to mix things up, I tried the Biggest Loser yoga workout for weight loss on recommendation from my sister.  I never thought I could sweat by not moving around much.  I think I’m going to buy a copy.  It worked out muscles that I don’t get to usually, it helps train my balance, and I need to be more flexible physically.  I don’t know if it’s as good a workout as my other circuit training but it should be good to do once a week.

This morning was a pretty good workout.  I got 6 HIIT in before my wife came down so I went on the bike and burned over 600 calories total.  I know my body is stronger but I feel week.  It seems to take so much energy to get through these workouts.  Maybe it’s because I am pushing myself just a little bit harder but it feels like I should just break through this and not struggle so much.  But that’s ok.  Bring it on.


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