I love that word.  Pooped.  Better yet, pooped out.  I don’t know if it’s a northern Minnesota thing but I like it.  And it is very appropriate for today.  This morning was my running morning and I had to do it on the treadmill because Ester wanted to run outside.  That’s ok, it will help me track my 4 mile pace and see what kind of calories I burned.  I set the weight for 10 lbs lighter for it to be more accurate and started with my HIIT.  8 circuits and not feeling too bad after that.  Good sweat but still strong.  After a minute and a half rest at 3mph I bumped it up to 6 for a minute and then cooled down to 4 for a minute.  Still strong.  Let’s see what 7mph for a minute then 4 for a minute will do to me.  I did pretty good for the next 10 minutes.  During the rest minute I did have to go at 3 for the first 30 seconds and finished the minute at 4.  It took me 46:20 to run 4 miles, almost knocking off 4 minutes from my time on Monday.  I wasn’t dying when I got done but I was sweating an hour and a half after the workout.  People thought I ran into work.

Today’s schedule at work was not so great, mainly because of a 4 hour training that took up my whole afternoon and ruined my 2-lunch schedule.  We did get a break where I ate a snack of MG Cheerios.  I’ve been surprised lately how much my water intake has gone up at work while I’ve been eating less food.  I ran out of water during the last 45 minutes of the training and it felt uncomfortable.  Maybe it’s another habit that I’m getting used to.

On the way home I ate a granola bar for energy because tonight’s schedule was going to be full.  After I did my circuit training I was going to rest, enjoy dinner, do some writing, take a shower and then head back to town to do sound for worship practice.  I had a great 10 minute warmup and my circuit training was pretty good.  I was hoping to go for 45 minutes but I hit a wall tonight around 30.  My right hamstring was starting to tighten a little and I was just tired, aka pooped.  I got back on the treadmill to cool down for 10 minutes and dragged my sorry butt upstairs.  I’m so glad tomorrow is a rest day.  I feel like I’ve earned it


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