First day with the new training

and I am so sore….   I felt strong after the weights and carried myself through 10 repetitions of HIIT before cooling down.  Everything felt pretty good until I got to work.  My walk into work was when I first noticed the soreness.  As I sat for longer periods of time it got worse.  It wasn’t noticable when I walked.  I pushed through it until everything loosened up but after a while I learned I had to get up every once in a while to walk around.  My stomach was acting strange today too.  I have no idea what it was but we’ll see if it happens again on Wednesday when I try this again.  I still was able to get in an hour walk tonight walking with weights.

Tomorrow morning will be back on the exercise bike.  One thing I’m going to work on tonight is getting to bed early.  Today just dragged and I was dragging.  I need to have rest to make tomorrow a better day.


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