Good Day

Today was my off day from exercising but not from sticking with my diet.  My body has gotten used to waking up at 5 so even though I could have slept til 6 it didn’t happen.  No snacking today.  No desire to snack.  I kept very busy at work today with diving deep into some interesting projects that I like and I made sure that I focused on drinking water whenever I could.  The funny thing is that part of it was how I felt in one of my favorite shirts.  I felt very confident.

Tonight was an active night.  I coached another soccer game and made sure that as a ref I closely followed the plays.  After that we went to my parent’s to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  My parent’s still had not come back yet so I took the kids out to see the cows and the garden.  Once they arrived I played hard with the 4 young kids.  Once we got home I helped get the kids ready for bed and then went for a 20 minute session on the exercise bike.  Nothing intense but I got a sweat going.

I’m in a better place.  I read a blog post from Southbeach Steve tonight about the sun is shining which summed up the day nicely.  Even though I’ve been hard on myself the last few days, I’m making progress and staying on track to reach my goals.  It is time to make hay.  But first I have to get the cows back in the pasture.


1 thought on “Good Day

  1. South Beach Steve

    Thanks for the post plug Ehren. I like how you began this post – we should always remember that. We can, and probably need, to take days off from exercise, but our food choices are our way of life.


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