A little ticked

It’s been almost 5 days since the problems with my back started and they are still here.  Not that it’s crippling me to stay in bed or anything, it just twinges and causes cringes.  I slept in this morning to give it a rest and then was going to try some circuit training tonight.  Nope.  Got through two circuits and I could tell I wasn’t ready yet.  I could have pushed through it but that wouldn’t help me heal any faster.  I want to be able to do my sprints soon and this will not help.  So I’m expecting this week to be a set back week for my weight.  I’ve been 2lbs over my last week’s weight and I’m learning to accept it.

So where do I find motivation to not give up, to keep going?  2 instances popped up over the last 24 hours.  Last night my wife was at the park with the kids and they ran into one of our friends.  He asked her if I had lost some weight, that he could tell something was going on.  Then his wife chirped in, “Like a lot”.  The funny thing I find about this is that they didn’t want to ask me even though they could tell.   Like I would be offended or something.  Well, they are from North Dakota so…..  The other instance was on my way back from lunch and going up the stairs with someone I used to work with in the company.  She said she’s noticed but keeps forgetting to ask.

Once again, on the right path with the right mindset and the right motivation.  It’s hard to be motivated but to be unable to do anything right now but to watch what I’m eating.  Just need to push through and accept the push I get from others.


1 thought on “A little ticked

  1. South Beach Steve

    I have a somewhat funny story related to your post. There was a time when I lost weight very fast in the past. A good friend of mine starting avoiding me. Come to find out, he thought I had cancer and I was dying since I was losing weight so fast and he could not face me with that thought in mind. I still chuckle over that and it has been ten or more years.


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