What a weekend

Time to sit down and relax after a busy weekend.  I am sun-burned, full, and worn-out but really had a great weekend.  There hasn’t been much exercise although this morning I got a good 45 minute workout on rollerblades.  For Father’s Day I got a heart rate monitor so I had to give it a try.  Loving it.  Helps me push harder when I see my hr go down.

Eating has been interesting.  Friday night was good with 2 slices of popcorn and some popcorn that wasn’t microwaved.  Saturday wasn’t too bad.  We went to Green Mill where we had some walleye fritters and then a good old cheeseburger.  The rest of the day was not much at all so I don’t feel guilty about it.  Today we stayed home for lunch and dinner with some chicken and rice for dinner and a turkey sandwich for lunch.  We did have a Dairy Queen ice cream cake and shared it with my date, Sisterinlaw, niece and then all of my family and only had half of the smallest cake.  Might finish it tomorrow or Tuesday.  It was a small piece but oh it tasted so good.

Looking forward to get back into the swing of things tomorrow.  Still going to take it easy on my back and try to do sprints on Wednesday outside.  It just feels nice to wear clothes that fit and look good on me.  Even my clothes that we bought to replace old clothes are now too big.  Probably will keep them for a while longer before another shopping trip.  It just feels good to be at this place in my physical journey.


1 thought on “What a weekend

  1. South Beach Steve

    It is so awesome when our replacement clothes are big on us! It sounds like you had a nice break for the weekend. Now, get back on track and make it a great week! Keep us all posted on your continued thoughts on the HR monitor. I have thought about getting one, but just haven’t done so yet.


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