Good day

Had a great night’s sleep and felt ready to exercise this morning.  As I promised myself, I kept to the exercise bike to ease up on the back.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t work my butt off.  735 calories burned in 43 minutes.  I just love that totally drenched feeling that tells me I put a great effort into the workout.  Maybe it’s not the most efficient workout but there is something energizing about working that hard.  Another great thing is that my chest strap works with the heart rate monitor built into the exercise bike.  I wore my watch at first but after seeing that they were both the same rate and it was easier to follow the display on the bike, I took the watch off.

Eating was good.  We had Subway brought in for a work lunch with a vendor and then a great salad tonight.  We had grilled a lot of chicken on Sunday and my wife has been great at saving that for me during the week.   I did have a yogurt tonight after a mile walk with my boys.  I think that walk did me some good as I took in the gorgeous evening and thought about the things I take for granted.  I’ve got a great family (pictured below), live a lifestyle that I never thought possible, have an amazing view of nature from the back of our home, I have a great job and hobby that I love to do, and have been given a healthy body that I’m finally figuring out how to take care of.  Life is full of blessings, sometimes you just have to take a breath, think about them, and cherish them before they slip out of your hands.

Hanson Family


1 thought on “Good day

  1. South Beach Steve

    Man Ehren, this is a great post. I too, feel blessed with my life. I am glad to be associated with someone else like that. BTW, you sure have a great looking family – you should be proud (interestingly enough, I think I have that same shirt 🙂 )


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