Vitamin C please!

We’ve been without Vitamin C tablets for a little over a week.  I didn’t think much of it until on my way back from lunch yesterday.  I started to feel something in my nose  and it got worse when I got home.  I went to bed early hoping I could sleep it off.  Nope.  I needed to sleep in this morning to make sure I got my rest.

Went to work today and felt ok.  I was more conscious of what I was eating and how much.  Probably my best day in a long time.  People are still coming up to me and asking me what’s I’m doing and how much I lose.  It’s interesting about the timing of the questions since it’s been a stalemate for a while.  I’m very grateful and encouraged by their comments.  I have lost 43lbs and that’s an accomplishment.

Tonight I worked in the yard.  4-wheeler time, but still working moving equipment around and cleaning stuff up.  Such a beautiful evening with the smell of the new hay bales coming from the field.  There were moments with my oldest son when we would take a break and take the 4-wheeler through the mud and water.  I could feel his smile as he was screaming about the water coming up around us.

Can you smell them?

Can you smell them?

When I got home I tried to do a little 20 minute ride on the exercise bike but I just had no energy.  This part is frustrating.  We have the vitamin C now but I really didn’t want to get sick.  I just want to keep plugging away, do my exercise, eat healthy.

This is a very long journey.  But tomorrow is another day, another opportunity.


1 thought on “Vitamin C please!

  1. South Beach Steve

    It feels good when people notice, doesn’t it. Like you, I went through a period of no loss for some time. Now that I am losing again, I am getting comments almost daily. To me that is very inspiring.

    I hope you get to feeling better. Make it a great day!


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