Day of rest?

OK, this is not going to be some diatribe going into how I got stuck in some chore or activity I didn’t want to be a part of.  Nor is it about a function I did not want to be a part of.  My wife has been doing daycare for about 2 months now with some new kids added within the last two weeks.  I was beginning to see a little edginess between the walls of our house and decided she needed to get out.  First plan, find one of her friends to take her to a town that’s an hour from here so they can do some shopping and just have some girl time.  Everyone had plans.  Second plan…….I really hadn’t thought too hard about this……  She mentioned that she thought it might be nice to take the family to this city, Grand Forks, to go for a bike ride.  Not exactly what I had in mind.  I thought she wanted to get away from the kids but if this is what she wanted, then let’s do it.  We borrowed my dad’s pickup, packed up the bikes and away we went.  First mental note, buy hitch for our van so we can use my dad’s bike hitch with the van.  There was enough room in the back for the kids, actually a lot.  But it was a proximity thing.  Proximity to each other, they could touch each other and irritate each other versus the not-thought-of-before isolation they have when they are in the van.  Then there was the proximity to the parents.  It feels like they are right on top of you and they enjoy seeing the reactions they can create in their parents.  Funny to them, not so funny to us.

So we get there.  This is the point where I realized that I didn’t check to make sure the one nut that needs to be secured for the bike trailer actually is secure.  It isn’t.  There are no wrenches in this pickup.  I will now start referring to this vehicle as mom’s pickup.  Ran to the hardware store and bought a crescent wrench for $10.  Bike trailer is secure.  Better yet, older son’s (Kade) seat is adjusted and he’s ready to cruise.  So she gets my bike because it has gears and stuff while I get the bike with one gear because it’s a bike that was given away and I’m cheap.  Mental note, need to replace gear cable as a winter project.  So we start cruising.  Big hill to start with and I’m chugging away and then stop at the top.  Where’s the wife?  Here she comes finally, complaining that the bike doesn’t fit her right because she has to reach down too far.  Cool.  You get the one gear bike with the strange noises that sounds like it might snap in half.  I’ll cruise.

After that, it went pretty good.  Kade made it all the way without stopping (over 10 miles) and it was beautiful outside.  When we got done it was after 5 so we decided to get some small hamburgers for the kids and then some meals for us.  I had a chicken fajita wrap which was a very good and different taste.   I needed some calories too because it had already been a busy day before this trip and I had not eaten enough.  We ate in a park and the kids played around afterwards.

Now all are sleeping and I’m ready for a good night’s sleep.  I did have a fun time with the family.  Particularly when we sat down to eat.  My wife told my daughter to sit by her and she said in her 2.8 year old voice, “No, I sit by daddy!”  It broke my heart to hear her love for me and feeling for her need for me to be there.  A great reminder of one of the many reasons why am I making this change.  That moment made all the hardships of the day worth it.

Congratulations to South Beach Steve as his journey continues into onederland and for a year marking a change in his life’s direction.  He’s a great encourager to me in the comments and emails he sends my way and an encouragement to follow as he blogs about his dedication to his new life and those he loves most.  Make it a great year, Steve.


1 thought on “Day of rest?

  1. South Beach Steve

    Ehren, thanks so much for the shout out. I really appreciate it.

    That is pretty awesome to hear that your daughter wanted to be by you. So many kids don’t have a dad that loves their kids like you seem to love yours. I think that is one of the great tragedies of our generation.

    It sounds like you had a great bike ride. I am glad to see you caught the loose nut on the bike rack. That would have been bad to have lost it.

    Keep up the good work!


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