Almost to 50

Today’s weigh-in showed a 2lb loss for the week for a total of f 48lbs in 19 weeks.  The 50lb mark is so close I can feel it (taste it would not be appropriate).    It was a good week and the last few days I’ve just felt thin.  I’m in territory that is so foreign to me but I’m loving it.  Today for casual day I wore my jeans that I bought a few months ago but I had to take them off right away to make sure I had the right ones on.  These were so tight on me and now they are too big.   It’s hard to buy new jeans that will likely need to be replaced in a few months as I keep this going.  Not if I keep this going, as I keep it going.  I think the thing to do is to buy some slacks for the normal work days and live with the jeans a little bit longer.

Workout was good this morning.  10 sprints are now the norm.  I realize that I run faster outside than the fastest speed the treadmill can offer which is why it wears me out more when I’m outside.  Another reason to love the outdoors.  Tonight I didn’t get home right away so yoga will have to be a little bit later.  Still too sore to do a circuit training.   I plan to hit the 6 mile run early tomorrow morning with the dog and then do my circuit training later in the afternoon.  The county fair is in town so my wife wants to take the kids tomorrow afternoon and then we have friends coming over tomorrow night for homemade pizza and a night of Wii.  Should be a blast.


2 thoughts on “Almost to 50

  1. South Beach Steve

    Ehren, I was wondering what happened to you lately as I haven’t seen a blog update, but it seems your blog isn’t updating in my RSS Reader. I will have to check it out later tonight.

    Regarding jeans, that is the same position I have taken. When I finally had to buy them, I purchased them a little tight to get longer wear out of them. It has worked okay, although I have a pair that I hardly got to wear.

    Make it a great day!

    1. Ehren Post author

      Try re-subscribing to the blog and see if that helps.

      Thanks for sharing your point on the jeans. It’s such a terrible curse to have while losing weight =)


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