Crazy good

One last morning of working out and then my rest day tomorrow.  This morning I did my sprints and then jogged back home.  At first it was kinda chilly.  Not that it was cold outside, I just wasn’t warmed up by breakfast at all.  The funny thing that with the humidity we occasionally have, there were pockets of warm air that I would run through every once in a while.  Running through a pocket of warm air like that can lead to an uncomfortable feeling of following a kid in a swimming pool.  Something doesn’t feel right.  Anywho, I still had a good run and starting to feel comfortable with my 10 sprints which means I’m going to have to change something up soon.  I have an idea but I’m too scared to even mention it.  It’s going to hurt.

Last night was interesting.  I mentioned that one of my wife’s friends didn’t want to talk to me about how good I look because she was concerned that I might take it like she was coming on to me.  Something I wouldn’t do, I’d take it as a compliment.  Last night she called my wife and I answered the phone.  She’s a talker and took the opportunity to tell me that she’s noticed and about how she was concerned how I might take it.  Then she goes and says I look “crazy good”.  I think she has a thing where her mouth says stuff so fast she has no time to react to it and just keeps going.  It got awkward and I pushed the phone over to my wife after saying thank you 6 times.  It was weird.

Tonight I asked for spaghetti and got it.  I needed it for my weight circuit training tonight.  I could  it for hours if my body didn’t tell me to stop.  I love that feeling of pushing a little harder and feeling my body getting stronger.   Today I was able to feel the muscles of my thighs and hamstrings.  I think it’s pretty important to take inventory of what muscles are growing and think about what was done to get there.  Now I don’t do measurements because I’m not into it.  I just like feeling more and more like I should.


1 thought on “Crazy good

  1. South Beach Steve

    I would write it off as a compliment and go on. Crazy good sounds pretty awesome to me. 🙂

    Like you, I have begun to really feel the differences in my muscles, which is pretty awesome. In fact, I sometimes find myself running my hand down my thigh to see if I can feel anything new. That sounds kind of weird, doesn’t it? I love the change in muscle tone, and I suspect you are the same.

    Congrats on your good work and success. Make it a great day Ehren.


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