Pity Party

I seem to have to fight this a lot.   Right now I’m fixated on how tired I am and wondering when I’m going to get rest with how much exercise I want to get in.  Why am I so worried about this?  I think I’ll try to get a bike ride in tonight with the family, not worry about watching a Biggest Loser episode tonight and go to bed early to get the rest I need.  I’m such a routine person and have my mind made up for what I want to do for a week, a day, or an evening, that anything that gets me off track gets me in a frustrated mood.  I need to learn the word “adjust” and keep that in my head when these moments occur.  I have to be flexible to life and hopefully it will be flexible back to me.  I have no idea what that means……..

This weekend’s family reunion was too much fun but much, much too short.  Everyone noticed the change and there was some good conversations.  Particularly with my one cousin with whom I talked with for a couple of hours.  She was interested with the hows and what has worked and not worked for her in the past.  We went over the ‘not worked’ and what the reasons were.  This cousin was very close in high school and I miss her not being around.  It would have been fun going through this together although all she needs to lose is 20 – 30 lbs.  She can do it because she’s just as stubborn as I am and has a determination like no one else I know.  She just needs more info.  Maybe now that I’ve got her email we can do this from afar.


1 thought on “Pity Party

  1. South Beach Steve

    Ehren, I am glad you had fun at the family reunion. It sounds like you may have an opportunity to make a difference with one cousin who is/was close.

    I find your first paragraph very interesting. I too am a creature of habit. In fact, so much so that I struggle when I get out of my normal routine. I have learned this over the years though, so I try to maintain this routine when at all possible. The problem with all that is life throws curves at us all to often. Like you, I have to find a way to do better at taking what I am given.

    Make it a great day Ehren!


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