Good run.

This morning’s run was another full 4-miler.  It’s funny, I have no idea what to expect when I start running, if I can go the whole time running.  I just start going from electric post to the next one and just keep my goals short.  Heart rate stayed between 147 and 155 which was pretty good.  At the 1.5 mile mark I set out to see how long it would take me to run a mile and that was 10.5 minutes.  The last 1/4 mile I decided to ramp it up to see what would happen.  Found another comfortable pace and got the heart rate up to 162 on average so I might try to find that pace more during the 4-miler the next time.

Looking forward to a night off.  Pretty tired after last night’s workout and this morning’s run.  Plan on relaxing with the family and maybe do some cleaning before going to bed early.  My thoughts are all over the place and I feel my drive isn’t as strong as it has been.  Hopefully sleep will cure what’s been going on the last couple of days.

Here is a picture of my cousin Danita and I from the family reunion.  Danita and I were close friends growing up and it’s always a blast to connect with her again.  I hope to get more pictures like this of myself up here as I dislike the static pictures of me standing in front of a wall.

Danita and me

Danita and me


4 thoughts on “Good run.

  1. South Beach Steve

    Man Ehren, you are really looking great! Doesn’t it feel good?

    I am glad to read you had another great round of exercise. Even though you are in a funk, you keep trudging through. Keep it up!

    1. Ehren Post author

      Thanks Steve. It feels great physically and also mentally as I’m not embarrassed to have my picture taken anymore. It’s a great feeling to be at this place.

  2. SHE-FIT

    WOW! 4 miles is great. Way to go. Sounds like you have been busy in the workout department. Glad to hear that you are giving your body a little break tonight. It’s very important to this.

  3. RobFitness

    I want to first thank ya for stopping by my blog and for the comment. it’s nice knowing that there are others that understand a bit of what we experience in trying to get fit.
    By the way you sure have cone a long ways and your’re looking good. I’d love to start running as well. I have my first 5K in September and am terrified for some reason. Probably because I have never really run a lot because of the arthritis in my knee or ever competed in anything. I guess there is always a first. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest. Our bodies do need that time to recover.


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