Pushing myself

It’s funny and I know I’ve said this before.  When I’m about to try something new, I rarely wake up knowing that this is going to be the day.  I had my breakfast this morning, set up my Google Reader (will talk about this in a little bit), but on my shoes and then thought today I’m going to really push it with my sprints.  So I did my warm up half mile and got ready mentally for it.  What I’ve been doing with my sprints is go from one telephone pole to the next, rest to the next telephone pole, and then repeat.  I’ve been able to repeat that ten times in one set.  Today I sprinted the distance of 2 sets of telephone poles and then rested the distance of 1 set of telephone poles.  I did this 6 times and it wiped me out.  I tried jogging back and while I was able to do most of it, I had to take some breaks.  My calves were on fire.  So glad I took an extra cool down time just to make sure everything was stretched out.  During the day they were not too bad so that’s a great sign but I’d be lying if I was looking forward to doing it again on Friday.  Am I going to do it again on Friday, you betcha!

Ze Google Reader!  Love it!  I have a few favorite blogs I like to track but get tired of going to each link and going through my bookmarks to get to the link.  I’ve known about the reader for a while but couldn’t make it work the way I wanted it to.  Guess I just needed a purpose that it was best for.  So I put the RSS feeds in the Reader so that whenever one of the blogs has a new post, it shows up like a new, unread, email.  I love it.  It simplifies everything and I don’t spend so much time visiting sites where there is no new post.

Today we had a vender join our company and provided a lunch for everyone.  It was ok.  Pulled pork or tender loin pork sandwiches with potato salad, fruits and veggies, and dessert that looks like it went through preservative valley.  I skipped the dessert, had one sandwich and one scoop of potato salad, lots of fruits and veggies, and a half can of Sprite.  That was really sweet.  So now coupled with the 2 slices of pizza I had tonight, I have to get going on my workout yoga.  It will also feel good to stretch the legs a bit.

I’m going to sleep good again.


7 thoughts on “Pushing myself

  1. South Beach Steve

    Great job pushing yourself! The whole bit about your muscles being on fire is an awesome sign. It sounds as if a bit of renewed vigor is present.

    Regarding the reader – I love my reader too. On a similar note though, your blog is still not showing up with updated posts in my reader. Just an idea, you might try going over to feedburner and signing up for a feed. I am not sure why the blog would have quit updating, or if it is my reader that is the problem, but feedburner would create a new option for a feed that would give your readers another opportunity to subscribe. You might try subscribing to your own blog in your reader just to see if it updates there.

      1. Ehren Post author

        Not at all. I like the challenge of figuring it out. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to fix my external hard drive that just quit. Now I need a back-up for my back-up before I get back-upped! I need to go to bed…..

  2. RobFitness

    Sounds like your pushing yourself pretty good. That’s a pretty good idea on how you do your runs. Is this always been the way you have been doing this? the burn is a good sign, yet yes painful. It does show that your pushing yourself to the limits.
    I never have tried a reader before. I just stop by my favorite blogs everyday to see what’s happening. 🙂 I’m not that great in dealing with computer stuff of that nature. Somehow it never works for me.


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