Finally had time and good sleep this morning and was able to run, RUN an entire 6 miles!  I think Tuesday was a break-through day as far as my distance running goes.  That felt like a more difficult run than this one today and for sure my soreness was not as extreme today as it was on Tuesday.  It rained pretty good last night so the gravel roads were a little soft and the humidity was really high.  So great sweat and a good heart rate for the whole run and it took me just over an hour.  Love it.  Ready for more.  I think in a couple of weeks I’ll push it again if it’s a good morning if I have the time.  One moment that happened today was when I was listening to an old song and there was an instance where I thought the battery was dying on my MP3 player.  Why.  I thought I heard the pitch change like when I used to listen to that song about 20 years ago on a cassette player.  I laughed at myself but kept running….

Stomach is still having some issue.  Today has been better and I think I need to cut out a trail mix out of my diet.  I was using it for energy but I just might go back to raw almonds.

We didn’t go to the race last night because of the rain.  Good thing.  My son has a coupon for a free ice cream cone at Dairy Queen and I was getting a taste for something from the menu.  First I looked at a Peanut Buster Parfeit, 750 calories!  Buster Bar, 500 calories.  Cotton Pickin’ tiny Dilly Bar, 220 calories.   I don’t want a cone (230 calories) and the saturated fat and sugar is just incredible.  I’m done with DQ.  DONE.  I bought my ice cream and had a responsible serving and enjoyed every moment of it.

Starting to toss around the idea of giving my evening exercises a break and just concentrating on running in the morning.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting a little burned out with all the exercising.  I’ll continue to run 6 times a week and maybe when I bring the other exercises back it will give me the kick I need.  Or maybe I’ll still do one circuit training on the weekend.  Just tossing some ideas around.  Any thoughts?


1 thought on “6-miler

  1. South Beach Steve

    Ehren, six miles is terrific! It really does sound like you had a great breakthrough. Congratulations for that.

    If you think the trail mix is causing the issue, then cutting it out would be in order. I hope you get past this quickly.

    I think you need to listen to your gut feelings here. If you are thinking that you are getting a bit burned out on the exercise, then it is probably right around the corner. Perhaps your idea of just doing the circuit training on the weekend is the best approach for the time being.


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