Must be the hot weather or something else because it’s 9 at night and I need sleep.  Strange too because I woke up this morning feeling like I had slept in and hit the snooze in my sleep.  It was 5 minutes before my alarm was to go off.  So that lead to a pretty good workout and I was pretty wet from the little bit warmer morning.  Hopefully I can do that again tomorrow morning.

Tonight was frustrating as my parent’s indecision led to a kinda wasted night.  I was in limbo as far as when I was helping my dad and couldn’t get in a circuit training.  I guess it’s for the best as I should get some rest.  I was just a little crabby.

I did something today that I haven’t done for a while.  Sit in the break room during my break and read a paper.  I found myself in awe of how people have let themselves go.  I wasn’t disgusted by it but had sympathy for them.  The only thing is do they know where they are at?  Do they know what they need to do to get healthy?  Do they care?  My son found a picture of me tonight from 3 years ago when I was at my heaviest.  He dramatically  said, “Dad, you look different.”  I asked him if I looked better now and he said yes.  I asked him does he like me differently now and he said “I don’t know”.  That made me smile as it reinforces that those who truly love you don’t care about how much you weigh, they are just happier for you being healthier.  I really take that thought to heart as more people are being friendly with me than before.  They didn’t really care for me before and were uncomfortable talking with me.  So strange how life is.  The ones I care about are the same ones as before and our conversations are the same.  I don’t want to be-friend someone who is overweight just because I might be able to ‘save’ them.  But if someone does approach me in a place where I have been before, I’ll be open to the opportunities that may lay before me.


2 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Diane, Fit to the Finish

    I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job! I noticed the same thing as I lost my weight (150 pounds). People were nicer, and it was most often people who I didn’t particularly want to be friends with. If they hadn’t liked me heavy, why were they changing their minds now?

    Keep up the good work, and your family is beautiful.

  2. South Beach Steve

    Your conversation with your son is pretty insightful. You know, I am not sure people always know they should care about their health, but more than that, I am not sure people always believe they can take care of their health. So many people have a defeatist attitude about where the are in their life, and they don’t believe they are strong enough to change it. It is really a shame.


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