A different day

The plan for today was to wake up and take off for the cabin but with a night of rain last night and more for the rest of the weekend, we decided to stay home.  Bummer.  Picked up worms last night and my son was so excited to go fishing but the storms that have been rolling through are taking advantage of the humidity and energy here and they’ve been really good ones.  This morning as I was looking at the news on my laptop this morning in our living room in front of one of our big windows and watched a storm roll into our area.  When we built our house I wanted to make sure we had a great view looking west just for this purpose.  I absolutely loved it.  I love weather and we get all kinds of different weather up here.  Some say it’s too cold but I think it’s all about perspective.  Cold is cold.  Whether is 20 above or 20 below, it’s cold.  You dress warm and you take trips south during the winter to break it up a bit and you learn to enjoy it.  I think we have amazing seasons here.  We can enjoy snow.  We really appreciate spring and summer here and take full advantage of it because we know up here that we know what it’s like to be locked in the house during the winter.  Fall is beautiful in Minnesota and is so energizing to drive through the North Shore area around Duluth and see the changing colors of the leaves.  I actually love living up here.  If you live south and want us to visit, invite us during the winter.  You can have your scorching heat and humidity.  We’re doing just fine.

This morning I got a 6 mile run on the treadmill and it was exhausting.  I did 2 things to make it a little harder.  I put a 2% incline on it.  I do this to keep the treadmill from shaking too much and to give me a little more resistance.  The other thing was to make sure I kept my heart rate above 142.  Last week when I ran my first 6-miler my heart rate was around 136.  Many times it went up to the 150’s today and it was a really hard workout.  The last half hour of it I had to take off my shirt because it was completely soaked.  It took me an hour and 7 minutes and that included my warm up and cool down.   I was going to go another 5 minutes but the incline really wiped me out and I was just happy to finish strong.  The calories burned was over a thousand and I’m pretty confidant in how accurate that is because I set the weight on the treadmill for 10lbs lighter than what I am.  I get a little joy out of seeing that number at 212, a sign of things to come.  I think I’m done working out for the day.  I’ve helped my dad tear out their 50 year old countertop after the run and will help him put the new one in after he is done feeding the calves.  In the meantime I’m installing Ubuntu on an old computer and see if I can get information off our external hard drive that stopped working 2 weeks ago.  I think it’s just the power supply from what I’ve read on the forums and I just want to set up this older computer down in my man-cave as a back-up and to have down here so I don’t have to drag my old laptop down.  I love my cave.


4 thoughts on “A different day

  1. South Beach Steve

    Ehren, a long time ago I had preconceived notions about different parts of this great land we live in, and some of those preconceived notions were not the best. In fact, I can remember making pretty snide remarks about certain places where I had never been. Now that I have traveled the greater part of the country, I have found that every place is pretty awesome in its own right. Sure, there are places I like better than others, but it is all good.

    Congrats on a great day!

  2. beej

    Hey Ehren~ I totally agree with Steve, though I haven’t been all around the country too much. I’m still partial to the Pacific Northwest, though I’ve been thinking of taking a trip up to the Twin Cities–there’s a church I’d like to visit: Woodland Hills Church. Have you heard of it?

    Amazing exercise on the treadmill! Add to that the help you gve your dad, and I’m sure you’ve put in a good day’s work! Keep it up!

    1. Ehren Post author

      I’ve heard of Woodland Hills and Greg Boyd. I used to listen to his sermons online all the time. Then I went over to John Piper and would mix in John Ortberg to lighten it up. I do have friends that go to Woodland Hills and hear that the services are great. When we lived down in the cities, we tried the large church experience for a while but found that the small church got us better connected to friends in our community and we felt more invested in the church.

      1. beej

        Yeah, he’s on the of pastors in my podcasst rotation, but I wouldn’t like the large church experience. My last church had about 1,200 attendees, and it’s weasy to get lost and become lazy.

        John Piper’s great, too! Totally different theologically, but very inspiring and educational. My small group read his book “Don’t waste your life”.

        I don’t know John Ortberg–I’ll have to check him out.

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