Quick post – but a needed post

It’s 10pm and I’m usually in bed by now to get up at 5 to go running.  I just got home from my parents after helping my dad install a countertop in his kitchen.  Good, its done.  Time for sleep.

But one thing.  My wife went shopping in a city about 45 minutes away.  Our small town of 9000 doesn’t have much to offer and Grand Forks has Kohl’s and a lot of the places we used to have in the cities.  Not all but most.  Anyway, she went shopping today and I told her to look but don’t buy much for me.  Especially jeans.  I said that I want to be there to try them on and see how they fit before I buy.  I just bought dress slack at 36/30 and while snug, comfortable.  She comes back, shows me the 4 shirts she bought me, and then pulls out the jeans.  34/30….   COME ON!!!!!!  Like I have a chance to slip into those.  I hold them up, feel how wide they are.  You know.  You kinda know how a pair of pants will fit just by holding them out in front of you and seeing how wide they are.  These ones are not so wide.  Well, let’s just see how snug they are going to be.  Up the calves, no problem but those are calves.  Go past the knee and hit the part of the thigh where I’m expecting them to stop.  They don’t.   WHAT?  They keep going up……all the way up.  I’m in shock at this moment.  My mouth is open.  Understand this, I think I was in 36/30 in high school when I weighed 185.  And these jeans are not relaxed fit, they are straight cut.  So I’m thinking that fine, that’s great, I can bring them up this high but there is no way I can button them.  I screamed as the button slipped into the whole without a herculean effort.  6 months ago I was wearing 42/30s.  I was thinking when I lost the 80lbs that I wanted to that I’d be wearing a waist around 36.  But 34, at this moment is just unbelievable.  It’s 4 hours later and I’m still in shock.

And yet this is more motivation.  I am not done yet.  I still have 24lbs before reaching my big goal and that won’t be the end either.  This was an amazing reward today.  One completely unexpected and one that I will cherish for a long time.  Another reward is coming this next weekend as I get to see my favorite aunt as she’s coming up for a visit.  She saw me about 35lbs ago and she was happy with me then.  It should be a great hug and a good conversation.  Hopefully the week will go by faster than last week.


2 thoughts on “Quick post – but a needed post

  1. South Beach Steve

    Man Ehren, I am so happy for you! I know the exact feelings you describe, and they are truly awesome! A huge congratulations to you. I bet your aunt will not know what to think when she sees you.

  2. beej

    That’s so cool!! What a surprise, huh? That’s gotta feel great. Hope this catapults you to the end of your goal.

    You should be thanking your wife for having more faith in you than you have in yourself, huh? I know if Anna, my wife, did that, I’d be upset with her for even considering that I was that small–but so happy once I fit into them. And add to that that they’re not relaxed fit?? SO sweet!


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