Toe pain

It’s been a long day and I’m kinda worn out.  Wife had a meeting tonight so I got to be with the kids again and had to do some cleaning as she is having a party here tomorrow night.  It’s great to finally have a house that functions well for parties and the sort.  A lot of the house plans we looked at have the plan where the kitchen is open to the dinning room and living room.  It just isn’t our style.  I grew up in a home where people visited in the kitchen and a different group would meet in the living room.  So we have a dinning room/living room area and the kitchen is separated off with a nice breakfast nook.  Perfect for separate conversations so the different groups don’t have to talk over each other.  Anyway, the house is almost clean and I’m done for the night.

Got up early this morning and got my 5-miler in on the treadmill.  900 calories in 55 minutes.  It was pretty hard.  I did get 2 miles that I ran in 9:40 each which was very good for me but I got worn out during mile 4 and had to slow down a bit.  I noticed that my toes started to hurt and the pain never went away until tonight.  It’s at the end of my toes.  No blisters, nothing wrong with the toe nails, just irritating discomfort.  I’m going to keep my eyes open for better dress shoes.  It felt great to stretch out during my walks on my breaks today but it would be nicer to do it with better shoes.  Could be worse.  What if I had no shoes?

Ech.  I’m in a funk and need to go to bed.  Sprints in the morning, hectic evening after work.  Should be fun.


1 thought on “Toe pain

  1. beej

    Hey Ehren, di dyou guys just build/buy a new house? How exciting! My wife and I just bought our first house.

    I’m still in awe about your exercise regimen: 5 miles on the treadmill? I’ve actually been afraid to try the treadmill–but, once I get under 300, I’ll be working on the treadmill.

    Great work on the exercise, and how loving of you to watch the kids AND clean the house while your wife was at her meeitng!


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