Expectations met – Update.

I have to post early this morning because tonight I’m going to try to take my son out again for the car races.  After eating a quick dinner at home we’re taking off with some friends and won’t be back home til late.  Should be a good time.

Weigh in this morning was about what I expected.  I have a one pound gain for the week.  Big picture, not bad at all.  This might happen more often as I get closer to my goal.  Just need to keep chugging along, chipping away at that weight.  I’ve lost 55lbs so far and that is quite the achievement.  Some things I’m going to work on next week:

  • Bring back the yoga and circuit training.  I have gotten shy about circuit training thinking that it’s going to build too much muscle.  Need to get past that and realize that I need that muscle to burn more calories.
  • SLEEP.  I have not been getting enough sleep.  The effects have been that I’ve lost a little focus at home with exercise and at work.  Also focus with my diet.
  • Time away from the computer.  I’m watching a lot less tv but that time is getting replaced by the computer, looking at blogs and just silly things that are not gaining me anything.

Update:  Thanks to Rob for the suggestion to mix up my cardio.  While I don’t have a stair climber at home I did find something else.  Friday is usually a sprint day but instead of going for speed I put the incline at 10% and then did 10 1 minute sprints of 6mph and then kept the rest time to 1 minute.  It was great and I’m feeling the effort now.  Better go walk around.  Thanks again, Rob!


2 thoughts on “Expectations met – Update.

  1. South Beach Steve

    I hope you had fun with your son. That quality time with our children is so important.

    Great list of things to work toward for the week. The one I disagree a little with though is the last one. Realize that I know where you are coming from, but I do think that reading the blogs helps us. It keeps the journey right in front of us, both in seeing others successes, but also others failures. Your second part of the sentence, “the silly things” are indeed a real time waster, but I do that too. That is one thing I have to keep a close watch on.

    Make it a great day Ehren!

  2. RobFitness

    Thanks for the mention man! really appreciate that. I’m glad I was able to help you out some. What you were talking about hit home with me and I was just not losing after working out so hard. So I decided to mix it up a bit like I mentioned and the weight started coming off again. Hope that same works for you as well. It does look like you have a good workout planned. I know I too waste a lot of time with thst silly stuff and it’s something I need to stop doing as well.
    Hope you had a great evening at the races. Sounds like some fun times are ahead.
    Have a awesome week-end as well.


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