Harder and harder and harder and….

Not much to post about today.  It was a great day.  Eating was good and the exercise was better.  I really put in a good effort tonight and did 7 circuits over my usual 6 circuits.  My body feels tighter and strong and I’m loving the new schedule for the week.  And can I say that I really love chicken.  My wife made some up for me for the week and I put it in tonight’s salad.  Oh so good and I can feel that my body is just craving for it.  Really love that protein.

Another compliment today.  This time from an older lady I work with and she didn’t know if I was comfortable talking about it.  I never stop finding this hilarious.  I wonder if it is themselves that don’t feel comfortable about it.  She also has stopped with the pop (that’s what we call soda up here) and drinking a lot of water.  I’d love to put Pepsi and Coke out of business.  But then some might not like me too much.


2 thoughts on “Harder and harder and harder and….

  1. beej

    Great job with the circuits. And you’re body’s thanking you for it–and asking for more chicken. Awesome!

    I’ve never had a problem with pop, but I’m always so happy when people give it up for water.

    Glad you got another compliment. I know that whenever I get one it makes my day and helps me to push on.


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