Lessons Learned – Update – Accomplishment

I made a mistake yesterday.  Not with bad food or not exercising, it was a timing thing.  First of all, I had a strong day yesterday.  Someone had brought in my favorite snack, chips and a homemade cheesy salsa dip with veggies on top and it was across the cube from me all morning.  But right now I’m on a mission to get to 60 in 6 which is next week so I didn’t have any.  That moment pushed me through the rest of the day and I was determined to do a 6 miler last night.  Here is where I learned my lesson.

Several factors need to be known.  Yesterday was my oldest’s birthday and we were going to have family over in the evening so I had to run right after I got home.  Second, my wife made pizza which I love and I got the mind-set that I had to eat that pizza last night.  That is where I really messed up.  I should have forgotten about the pizza last night and had a couple of slices with me for lunch today.   I should have had a peanut butter sandwich before the run and waited a half hour to have energy.  I did none of that.  I had 3 cashews and took off.  The whole run was a struggle.  It was warm and humid out and I couldn’t get my heart rate up to where I wanted it to be.  It averaged around 132/133, not good.  Then my pace was off and it added 5 minutes to my time I had last time.  Just yuck all over.  So then I get home, eat 2 squares of pizza, a half of chicken breast and washed both down with 2 glasses of water.  I could feel right away that this was not a good idea.  It kept me up until 11:30 and I’m still feeling it.  Never again will I set myself up for that.  Not worth it.

That being said, it’s Weigh day and I am down 3lbs this week.  Need to lose 2 more lbs to reach 60lbs in 6 months.  I feel good about it but we’ll see.  I feel my focus and determination turning up a notch and hopefully that will carry me through.


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned – Update – Accomplishment

  1. South Beach Steve

    Don’t be too hard on yourself Ehren. I think you have already learned your lesson.

    Congrats on the big loss. I suspect you will have no problem achieving 60 in 6. Another 2 pounds will not be an issue for you.

    I am always amazed at how in tune you are to your body. Of course, I am not a runner as of yet, but I really never have an idea what my heart rate is.

    1. Ehren Post author

      It feels great when others notice, but even greater when they want to talk about the process. You never know when talking with someone who leads (not only lives) a healthy lifestyle if there may be a nugget that might inspire you on your journey. These conversations are so rare but yet so precious.
      Just heard about Mint yesterday and with the time I have and my frustration level with this laptop, I’m looking forward to a change. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.


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