Running with the boys

Today was a better day.  I ate a bit more.  Egg white after I did my sprints this morning, a handful of crackers and trail mix this afternoon.  One thing that’s been missing out of my diet the last few days is fruit so I picked up some apples along with my carrots after work today.  Tonight instead of a salad I had a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread.  Rested.  Then did a new workout.  It was a circuit training but with different exercises.  It also brought back an exercise that I had sworn off a while ago.  Burpies.  It’s where you squat down to your hands, thrust the legs back, jump to bring the legs forward, then jump in the air.  The last time I did this did not bring a good result.  It’s fun to look back and see how long it took to recover and what I was able to get back to for exercise.  I’m grateful that I have this written down to look back on just for myself.

Anyway, the workout really got to me.  I can feel new soreness with the new exercises and the squat thrust jumps really wore me out.  I followed the training with a trip on the treadmill.  First 4 minutes were a run and then I went into a walk with a steep incline.  Total was 15 minutes.  AND THEN…….

There was one boy left with my wife for daycare and he’s my oldest son’s age.  They’ve been talking up how they could be me in a running race so we had a race then.  I set up an 1/8th of a mile race on the gravel road back to our mailbox.  The first race I started with them and kinda jogged with them trying to keep them in it but also letting them know I could take off at any time.  I won.  Second race, I gave them a head start of 5 seconds, caught up with them and then cruised as my son passed me for the win.  THIRD RACE, gave them a 10 second lead and went all out.  The other boy beat us but I nearly caught up to them at the end.  That was 10 sprints total for the day.  Then we went for a little jog to watch the combines harvest until the mosquitos were just too much.

All in all a pretty good day.  My stomach feels better and I hope the weight keeps coming off.  I don’t think I’ll make it but you never know.


2 thoughts on “Running with the boys

  1. South Beach Steve

    It sounds like a really good day. I am sure the boys had fun, even if you did prove who was boss! 🙂 I am glad to read your stomach is feeling better. It is sure tough when things are out of sync.

    I am glad you reminded me of burpees. I have never done them, but I have done 5-count body builders, which are somewhat similar. I will have to add them to the program again. They are supposed to be great for tabata.

  2. beej

    Burpees, huh? Very interesting. Never heard of them…but of course, before you guys, I hadn’t heard of tabata, planks, or circuit training. So I guess you guys are introducing me to a lot of things!

    And it’s cool that you’re really feeling the pain from your new workout–more muscles you’re toning. Nice work!


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