Great day

These days seem so far and few between that when they do come, you just want to scream like a little girl.  OK, that might be a little extreme but I can’t help but smile at just how a day went.

Exercise was extremely awesome.  I burned 780 calories on the exercise bike this morning in 42 minutes.  To focus on getting done, sometimes I had to quietly sing out the words to the music I was listening to.  Apparently too loud though as my wife was asking me later who I was talking to down here.  Throughout the day I felt sore from the exercise last night, especially my hammies, knees and then biceps which have not been sore for a long time.  Then tonight 30 minutes after I ate I went for a 6 mile run.  I know, a little crazy but it’s so nice out and I just felt like I could do it.  Once again my groove really got going into mile 3.  I need to start keeping track of how fast I’m doing it because I’m sure the last half is faster than my first half.  Anywho, I had my best time of one hour and 7 minutes.  AND THEN I couldn’t do my cool-down because the mosquitoes found me!!  AND THEN I’m banished to my cave in the basement because I stink and don’t want to take a shower.  I’m ok with that.  It’s just me writing and listening to  This is the life.  Now if I just had a faster computer…..

Eating was great too.  At first my schedule at work just had a meeting from 9:30 to 10 and that was it.  I ate my early lunch before the meeting and good thing I did.  That meeting lasted until 10:40 which in turn created another meeting at 11 which went until 1.  I had to spend those 20 minutes catching up with helping others that I work with and just had a couple of almonds and carrots.  So this afternoon was spent catching up with food and work.  I feel like I was eating so much but I was just catching up with my calories for the day.  I knew I wanted to get a good run in because tomorrow I’m donating blood at work and probably will just take it easy on the exercise bike tomorrow night.

This day has really flew by.  Hopefully tomorrow will too and then weigh day and a trip to Omaha!


2 thoughts on “Great day

  1. beej

    Dang, that’s some crazy exercise! Keep it up, Ehren. I totally know how you feel about screaming when a day goes well. But hey, take advantage of it when you can, right? It’s not like you can store up good days for when you have a bad one! 🙂


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