I AM an athlete…..almost!

Another good day.  I woke up early again and got my sprints in.  The cars didn’t slow down so much this morning but gave me space.  I do have one of those head band lights that I could wear to help me see better in the morning and for others see me.  And since I can get them for cheap at my job, I was thinking of getting another one to wear backwards and turn on the red LED’s that come with it.  That way I can be correctly lit.  I may have been lit when I first thought of this.

I might ride the exercise bike just to get rid of some water and help me get to my goal tomorrow.  I’m really close.

Today was the day I donated blood.  This time they asked me to be a 2RSB or something like that where I give 2 units and I get some saline and other stuff back in 1 unit.  I got some good news.  My blood pressure was 105/64.  I looked it up better and I’m almost an athlete! When I first saw that chart, it took me a while to take it in and to realize how far I’ve come.  While I have a ways to go, I am in a healthy shape.  Going in the right direction.  Now to really start to think about playing basketball with the guys this winter.

There has been some discussion with some people about a feeling going around right now.  Everyone is feeling lethargic and has an appetite.  At least that’s how it is up here in northern Minnesota.  I’ve developed a theory.  It’s an animal instinct to slow down the metabolism and store up fat to build a layer for the winter.  It seems that a lot of us are fighting it up here.  But I’m glad I snapped out of it this week.  I got my desire to work out more this week, to get up early and get the most of my workouts.  I actually enjoyed them this week.  I will not accumulate more fat, I’m getting rid of it.  If I’m cold, I’ll wear a sweater……or my black leather jacket that fits so good now.


2 thoughts on “I AM an athlete…..almost!

  1. beej

    Your head light bands comment was hilarious!

    I’m wondering if we have the same thing going on out here in the PNW…at least, for me it is. Workign out is a little more difficult right now. But man, you sure did snap out of it! Great job on the dedication, and the intensity. And enjoy buying that jacket you’ll need, Mr. Skinny Minne*

    * yeah, that’s short for Minnesota. 🙂 I’m a nerd.

  2. South Beach Steve

    Ehren, I beg to differ with you. You are indeed an athlete right now. That is for sure.

    Like Beej, I loved your comment about the headlamp. Fortunately my roads are pretty slow, so I just bring a flashlight along with me in case I need it.

    I also agree with you, there is something to the fall time funk, but like you, I am going to work right through it.


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