Not today, not this week.

No weight loss for the week.  My sister is probably right, not enough calories and my body is holding back what it can.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  I had a salad when I got home when instead I should have had a couple of pieces of homemade pizza.  I’m more frustrated about that than I am about not making it to the 60lb mark.

I also gained muscle this week from that new workout and getting the muscle is great.  It’s going to help me lose more weight in the future and I’m really enjoying the shape that my body is taking.  To feel the strength, the tone, the hardness of my body is something I thought I would never experience.  And big picture, I’ve lost 58lbs in 6 months.  So what if it takes another week to get to 60.  I knew it was going to be hard to reach this goal in the first place.  But this is not a failure, it’s a challenge that I’m still working towards.  But does it count if I get there tomorrow?

Leaving today for a long weekend in Omaha.  I hope everyone else has a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Not today, not this week.

  1. beej

    Hey Ehren~

    I think I might be in the same position as you this week. Maybe even a gain. And I think I might need to add Calories to my diet, too…I don’t want my body to hoarde mt fat. (Get that stuff outta here!)

    Great perspective, though. And have fun in Omaha!

  2. South Beach Steve

    Man Ehren, you said it. So what if it takes another week. In 20 years that won’t mean a thing. You are still going the right direction. So what if there was not a loss, you are telling a big difference in your body, and that means far more than a loss.

    Have a fun time in Omaha.


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