Has not been a fun weekend.  I am not feeling like myself and the pain is not going away.  And it’s not the pain that’s bothering me, it’s the weakness.  I’ve gotten so used to that strong, ready-for-anything feeling in my body and to not have strength for anything is driving me nuts.  Lot’s of resting, sleeping.  I’ve eaten more than I should, almost a distraction from everything else.  This was mainly yesterday and it’s more under control today.

Plan is to go to work tomorrow and to last the whole day there.  Exercise is not in the picture at all.  Maybe start looking at it near the end of the week.  Right now I just need rest.


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. South Beach Steve

    I am glad you are taking it easy. It is so easy for a motivated person to ignore their body and move forward when they need to be recuperating. Take it easy Ehren. It won’ t be long until you are back at it in full force.

  2. OcoIvan

    Hi Ehren
    I am very expressed what I red.
    I can understood it, you know what I think, was “out” maybe two or three days, also unecspected pains….

    anyway the progres with the weight is a lont term process, but as I know you, you will reach all your plans.

    Keep on.


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