Still at home.  Went to work yesterday for a couple of hours but was too weak and too white/pale to continue.  After resting in the afternoon my strength came back but now the pain is very strong.  Prescription isn’t doing anything so I’m awaiting for a new prescription or a call to go in to the doc.  If I go do anything for 5 minutes, my body starts shaking so I guess I need more time to rest.  So thankful for the speakers in our bedroom/bathroom and the ability to listen to anything from anywhere on the internet.  Something to distract me while I’m sitting on ice…..


3 thoughts on “Patience

  1. RobFitness

    Man you have gone through a lot and patience and rest seems like the best medicine around. It will get better in time and you’ll be back to your active self before you know it. In the meantime enjoy the break, read and catch up on some good healthy articles. Hang in there….


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