When too much is too much

Well, to respond to RobFitness, I overdid it.  That 3 mile run has been hurting me the last 2 days.  Yesterday my thighs were tight and it was hard to walk.  This morning I woke up at 5, not by the alarm clock, but by my calves cramping up.  That cramp stayed with me for the first half of the day and I can still feel it.  It’s really strange.  I have muscle.  I can feel it.  When I was running I knew I had the strength to keep running.  Apparently it was too much to start out with.  I do not like this at all.  It’s hard to take it easy when I know what I can do.  I can’t even get on the exercise bike without trying to push harder and harder.  Tonight I drove my dad’s pickup that I borrowed back to his farm and walked the 3/4 mile way home.  It felt good just to stretch it out and hopefully I can do more tomorrow.

Eating is still a struggle and I have no reason why it is.  I’m not binging and not going out to eat.  It’s snacking that’s my problem.  I’m going to not buy some of the little treats that I usually do to avoid going over what is a good portion size.

Everything else is going pretty good but my writing sucks.  I don’t want to classify this as a funk but I will attribute a lack of excitement in looking at anything right now.  The most exciting thing is playing with the Zune software.  It’s like ITunes but better.  I may need to get out from listening to podcasts and go back to some music for a while to bring me back.


2 thoughts on “When too much is too much

  1. South Beach Steve

    Ehren, it doesn’t probably help, but I think we all go through the funk every now and then. I know there was a time that all my posts were very repetitive (some may say they are to this day). The creativity was challenged, and much of the motivation to write was gone. However, like you, my blog was a real important part of my program, so I kept plugging away at it. Just like with the muscles, sometimes the brain just needs a rest. You really got thrown for a loop with the surgery, but it will come back to you, it just takes time sometimes.

  2. beej

    I’ll echo the comment by Steve. Funks happen. I’m in a little one myself…I wonder if it’s because fall is coming (oh, yeah, and your surgery probably made you jump the track a little!)…that walk probably helped a lot to stretch you out. Keep it up and you’ll be back in no time!

    God Bless!


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