I’m really back now.

A switch was turned on today, this morning.  Maybe yesterday.  I knew it was turned on already before I got on the scale this morning and that driven part of me that has been gone for the last few months is back.  I had a 4 pound gain this week.  Embarrassing.  I don’t know why.  But I’m through with it.  I’ve snacked too much at work and ate too late at home.  ENOUGH!!  It’s time to get things reigned in and take control.  This won’t be a trigger for more depression.  This is a new starting point.  I have the same goal in mind and I will not stop until I get there.  Hopefully my computer won’t stop either.

This morning’s exercise was good.  Started on the treadmill at first but was frustrated right away with the noise that I got off and finished the workout on the bike.  Tomorrow begins the treadmill teardown.  I’m replacing a bearing, possibly the platform board, and adding rubber grommets at each junction to give it a tighter feel.

Eating was good today.  Getting back to my regular eating habits and ignoring the snacks.  I mentioned earlier this week that I’m getting the anger back.  Maybe it’s not anger.  Maybe it’s just a focus that I’m not used to.  It usually comes out with a look of determination that could be interpreted as a ticked-off look.  I just know what needs to get done and I am going to do it.   I’ve made my choices.  It’s time not to go back on them.  It’s time to follow through.


3 thoughts on “I’m really back now.

  1. beej

    Yeah, I was a little hesitant about the whole anger concept. I think it’s much better to think of it as focus and determination. I’m glad the switch flipped. I’m glad that you flipped it!

    Man, you are handy. I thought I was, but you are awesome–fixing a treadmill? I’d never do that…good for you! Way to save some cash.

    Sorry about the gain, though. 😦

  2. underneathsarah

    Welcome back, and good luck with your week! Keep with it, you can definitely do it. We all fall off the wagon for periods of time. (Mine was all summer long….argh!) What matters is that you recommit and keep working at it.


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