Just an update saying I haven’t jumped off the wagon.  Exercise is slowly coming back as is eating consistently healthy.  The down time brought back some emotional stuff that has never left me, I was just able to focus past it with my weight loss success.  So now I’m going to take some personal time to write for me, private journaling I guess.  This is not the forum for that and I hate wasting people’s time and my own with repetitive blather.  Right now the plan is to take a couple of weeks off from the blog but not from life.  I will still follow the blogs I follow and may look at some new ones.  I ordered a new motor drive belt for the treadmill last night which is a lot easier fix than replacing a bearing.  After 8 years it’s about time that belt wore out.  I’m still me, I just to get to know me a little better.   I also got new running shoes but they are not quite what I’m looking for so we’re sending them back to try a new pair.

See you soon.

I’m not done yet.


4 thoughts on “Update:

  1. beej

    Hi Ehren, thanks for the note. We’re all supporting you, and it’s great that you’re dealing with the problem as opposed to the sypmtoms (which also need to be dealt with…). Great move, and God Bless! (I’ll also be praying for you…)

  2. RobFitness

    Wishing you the best and hope that it all turns out the way you want. I don’t blog like I use to because like you I need time away FORself reflection and some other stuff as well.I’ll be dkeeping you in my thoughts and prayers as well.


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