Off day

Enjoyed a day off from the exercise.  Had temptations but ate really good.  Just kept busy and drank my water.  Tomorrow is going to be interesting.  We’re at the beginning of a 3-day snowstorm.  I really want to run in the morning but I might have to do a circuit training.  Just realizing as I’m typing this that I could use my brother’s exercise bike.  It’s the same one I used last summer but he has it now.  He only lives a half mile away so maybe it’s something I can do in the evening tomorrow night to compliment my circuit training in the morning.  And then if I can’t get a good run in on Saturday I can ask to use it again.

I did finally get the part for the treadmill ordered tonight after they emailed me back today.  However long it takes it’s going to be too long.  It’s nice to have a treadmill up here in the frozen tundra.

I really loved today.  Feeling the clothes are more relaxed.  I’m more relaxed, more rested because I’m sleeping better at night.  It’s just a good day all around.  I’m glad I’m back to this point of being in the groove and looking forward to what the next few months will bring.  I was talking to a manager, not one I work under but someone I know, at work today and he has said that there is a saying he hears over and over for the last 5 years.  The next few months should be very interesting……


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