Snow workout

It seems the chill of defeat of our cherished Vikings has brought out the worst of our weather.  The winds were howling near the end of the game and they haven’t stopped.  Woke up this morning and did a great Jillian workout and once finished, heard that school buses were 2 hours late.  Fixed my lunch, took a shower and then heard that school is cancelled.  Cancelled?  They never cancel.  So curiosity took over and I went to check the weather online.  Blizzard Warning.  Super.  I figured that I had to try to get to work and was undaunted by the snow drift waiting for me as I opened up the garage door behind my car.  Did I mention I have a car?  In this land of pickups and SUV’s we have a van and a car.  Fine for 98% of our weather but doesn’t inspire confidence in this kind of weather.  I plowed through the drift and survived our turn-around.  Good.  There had been some traffic on the half mile of gravel road we take to get to the highway so that helped getting me through.  Great.  It kinda hit how bad it was as an oncoming car’s lights would disappear for moments before it would pass.  I love white-out conditions.  We were about 75% staff which wasn’t too bad. I left an hour early to shovel out and on the way back on the gravel road I got stuck.  ON THE ROAD!!  I actually was able to rock out of it and get into our driveway but unable to drive up to the garage.  Shovel time!!  So I got a pretty good workout from that.   Still no mylar.  I want mylar.  I want to fix my treadmill.  But I’m keeping going, working out to the DVD’s and sticking to the diet.  It feels so good to be back in the groove.


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