Up but not away

Is it Ups and Downs? Should I title this Upswings? Regardless, I had a weight gain and I’m not concerned about it. There are many schools of thought when it comes to monitoring your weight. For some people where the weight loss gets to an obsessive point, it’s best to cut back to just looking at it once a week. You have to find a relaxed way to look at this or it will drive you nuts. I prefer the daily because then I can see the trends. Sometimes you can be going on a downwards trend for a while but when you go in for the weekly weigh in, you can catch yourself on an up trend. I’ve been going on a down trend for a while so I was waiting for this to happen. I was a little surprised how high it went back up but then again, I’ve been backed up myself….

The other part of where I’m not concerned about the gain is that we had a special family night last night with my wife having her birthday. I ate relatively good and then enjoyed a piece of banana cream pie with everyone else. My general rule is that if I eat good 90% of the time, I can have treats like that so that this journey is not so unbearable. You don’t want to completely take yourself out of what can be treats. You may get to a point where you struggle to obstain and then you have one taste, and it opens the door to just keep eating the junk. I had a previous diet where I ate good for 6 days, and then on the off day I could eat what I wanted. It didn’t train me to handle food well at all. I would be in such a haze the next day that my bad day would grow into two, then more. This feels healthier, I just have to keep with it.

This kinda leads into having planned treat times like last night. I knew it was coming so I ate accordingly before that, exercised too. It was easier to wake up early this morning once I saw that scale. I knew I had to get back to work. Working the past off, working for the future. On Valentine’s Day we’re planning to go out to a local restaurant and I want to get to 250 and use that night as a reward. It’s less than 2 weeks so it shouldn’t be hard. It’s a realistic goal and while I plan on a reward, it’s going to be a reasonable reward. I’m not going to eat a pizza or have a massive amount of buttered popcorn. I’ll look at the menu and balance what looks tasty and what is relatively healthy. It’s going to be so good.




Eating today:
Breakfast – 3 eggs with a fist size side of raw broccoli
Morning snack – clementine and a handful of sunflower seeds
Lunch – Kale and carrot salad – dry, two Lindt’s 90% dark chocolate square
Afternoon snack – apple, handful of almonds
Dinner – 1.5 chicken filets.


Exercise today:
50 minutes on exercise bike. 620 calories burned.


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