No more exercise

The next 3 days will have no scheduled exercise. Why? Because of an active lifestyle.  I’ll be putting in 3 hours in the evenings in my employer’s warehouse, walking around and being on my feet during that time.  I’ve been wanting to put some time in the warehouse to help the company out and to pay off some stuff.  So this will be an experiment in how this work will affect my journey.  I have to remember that I’m on a quest to be healthy, not in a race to lose the most weight as optimally as I can. 

So not much for writing these days.  I need to get my sleep and enjoy my family as much as I can during these 12 hour work days.  Rest is really important as I’m finding out.  I feel so much better when I get my rest and my body reacts better to the rest as well.  There are a lot of studies that show that when you don’t sleep, you eat more.  It’s true for me as well.  I can’t wait for Saturday when I’ll be able to sleep in and finally have a restful day, one I haven’t had for a while.  Unless I go help my parents with their house…

Eating today:

Breakfast – 3 eggs with a fist full of brocoli

Morning snack – clementine

Lunch – Kale and carrot salad – dry, two Lindt’s dark chocolate square

Afternoon snack – apple and a handful of sunflower seeds

1.5 chicken breasts

 Exercise today:

3 hours in the warehouse

Weight :

253.2 – down 1.2lbs


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