I’m lazy

I worked 12 hours yesterday but I didn’t shovel the 4 inches of snow in the driveway.  That used to be my workout but I’m going to be stubborn about my recovery.  The rest last night helped but I can still feel my legs are not as stable when walking which just drives me nuts.  I’m thinking about going on my stationary bike tonight for a light ride, just to work the muscles lightly.

But in saying that, this time around with losing weight the exercise has taken a back seat to the whole journey.  That’s what has drove me nuts before.  It was so hard to balance diet and exercise.  If I worked out hard, then I got hungry and it was hard to know the exact amount of food to eat or to just be able to subdue my hunger.  This time around I just don’t worry about it.  I can live by what I’m doing now and I’m not hungry.  The problem is that I’m starting to see some loss of muscle mass.  The next step is to incorporate a smaller round of strength/resistance that just take 5 minutes a day.  I can’t forget that muscle helps burn fat/calories and necessary for the future months of this journey.  I just don’t have to go crazy like I did before. 

By the way, I love my almonds!  What I do is buy them raw, heat our oven to 425, and put them in there for 12 minutes.  The reason why I do my own roasting is to avoid the typical oils that purchased roasted almonds typically come with, those oils are not exactly healthy and are really not necessary.  I really prefer the taste of how we do it.  The only thing I would like to perfect is to somehow get them a little saltier.



Breakfast – 3 eggs with a handful of broccoli

Morning snack – a handful of almonds

Lunch – Kale salad dry, cucumber, two squares of Lindt’s 90% dark chocolate

Afternoon snack – apple and handful of sunflower seeds

Dinner – broccoli, chicken, one small homemade slice of pizza

Evening snack – celery with peanut butter

Exercise: 2 hours in the warehouse (evening), 1 hour of casual biking

Weight: 250.6 – down 1.8lbs


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