Back to it

It felt good to see that number under 250 again.  I may have had a slight taste of guilt in my mouth regarding last weekend but it’s all gone now.  I’m back on track, back on course. 

I’m still trying minimize stress levels but my car has other thoughts.  While it seemed to have fixed itself last week, the belts in it now chirp every time I start it up.  I’m paranoid about it because I replaced the belt in October and then again last month.  Last month was due to a rock…  We’ve also have a new air source heat pump going in today, Ester is getting ready for a missions trip to Liberia, and just a lot of work stuff.  But I’m feeling confidence in being able to handle it, more than I have in a long time.  Each day starts with a devotion time that calms my mind, first thing before I get out of bed.  Food is now out of mind clearing up that space.  And I think the minimal exercise I’ve been getting has been therapeutic as well. Just a little bit can go a long way.

Eating today:

Breakfast – 3 eggs with a handful of broccoli

Morning snack – a handful of sunflower seeds

Lunch – Kale salad dry, celery, one square of Lindt’s 90% dark chocolate

Afternoon snack – apple, a handful of almonds

Dinner – chicken, a couple of chips

Exercise today: 3 hours in the warehouse (evening)

Weight: 249.6 – down 1lb


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