Snow-shoveling alone time

One thing I enjoy about living in the frozen tundra, and boy is it frozen this year, is having alone time for a big block of time while shoveling.  Sometimes it seems pretty nuts that I shovel so much up here.  We live in the land of snow-blowers and 4-wheelers with snow blades in front of them.  But I enjoy it.  I love the feeling of getting it done and saving money.  I love the alone time and having a time where I need to move around.  It’s a way of getting out of the house for some much needed fresh air.  Last night was not about pushing snow though.  I’ve got about 8 inches of snow pack on the driveway.  I started working on getting the wife’s van out and cleared out the gravel driveway down to the gravel to help with traction.  It worked!  Then I kept going to the gravel road so no one will miss the drive way again…. for now..  Next week is supposed to be another week of very cold weather but I plan to get out there an hour or so for at least 2 of the nights to keep chipping away at the driveway.

 Eating today:

Breakfast – 3 eggs with a handful of broccoli

Morning snack –  a handful of sunflower seeds

Lunch – Kale salad dry, celery, two squares of Lindt’s 90% dark chocolate

Afternoon snack – apple, a handful of almonds

Dinner – broccoli, chicken

Exercise today: 3 hours in the warehouse (evening)

Weight: 247 – down .6lbs


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