I’m a father of 3 in his mid-30’s.  My job allows my wife to choose if she wants to work at an office or at home with our kids and she has chosen the latter.

I grew up on a dairy farm in northwestern Minnesota.  Was pretty healthy through high school but developed some bad eating habits in those years.  Once I was off the farm and moved to the Twin Cities, the exercise was gone and my eating habits got worse.  After 11 years away I moved my family up here to be closer to my family, also got a great job, and was looking forward to a slower pace life.  My ways didn’t change though.  I knew that it wasn’t good and had some health issues but not enough to scare me.  In fact, there was no scary moment in my life that got me to this mindset.  I just had a health assessment last fall that told me while I was a little on the high side of some of the exams taken, I was still ok.  There came a time this late winter where all of a sudden, my mind just knew that something wasn’t right.   I started to find out all I could about getting this weight off, started eating right, and started exercising.  I also began going through the emotional process of what got me to that point and what should be done to get out of it.  Not only has a physical change happened, but a spiritual one as well.  It’s been a steady process ever since and I’m excited about what the next year has in store.  I’m ready to see this body I have in my mind come out to the real world.


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