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Not Quite Dead Yet

It’s been a while.  Life seems a little bit better and I’m taking the right steps in my weight loss.  I’m back to a consistent basis on the treadmill, although not to where I was before.  I changed up my sprints more for time than for speed as the speed was leading to a quicker end to our treadmill.  Yesterday I was able to have a rotation of 2 min @ 7mph, 1 min @ 5.5mph, and then 1 min of 3mph.  Not too bad.  It’s paying off too in a couple of ways.  First I had a health assessment and all my blood levels are great.  The only thing that was on the bad was my weight.  Second was playing basketball last night.  I used to play in high school but that was 20 years ago.  It’s a group of techs at work that get together every Tuesday during the winter and I was very nervous.  I’ve got no offense but I can set picks, play defense and make a good pass once in a while.  Another thing, I can run.  I run the court better now than I did 20 years ago.  Now my ankles were letting me know this morning I’m not the young man I once was.  But I was so charged last night when I got home to know I could run with the young boys and I plan on adding this to my routine, as well as the following morning’s walk to loosen up the ankles after barely getting to the bathroom this morning.

It’s good to have new stuff to do.  The exercise bike is gone now, taken back by my brother and his wife.   So I’m learning new stuff to keep active.  Life is so busy right now so it’s been really important for me to establish my morning exercise pattern.

As far as this blog, I’m not so sure.  Maybe I’ll get back to a once a week update just to keep myself honest.  This is my blog, for me, and while I know I don’t want it to get repetitive for me, I still understand how important it is to keep an accountability journal of what’s going on.  That’s the plan for now.

Time to go for another walk to loosen up the ankles.


I’m really back now.

A switch was turned on today, this morning.  Maybe yesterday.  I knew it was turned on already before I got on the scale this morning and that driven part of me that has been gone for the last few months is back.  I had a 4 pound gain this week.  Embarrassing.  I don’t know why.  But I’m through with it.  I’ve snacked too much at work and ate too late at home.  ENOUGH!!  It’s time to get things reigned in and take control.  This won’t be a trigger for more depression.  This is a new starting point.  I have the same goal in mind and I will not stop until I get there.  Hopefully my computer won’t stop either.

This morning’s exercise was good.  Started on the treadmill at first but was frustrated right away with the noise that I got off and finished the workout on the bike.  Tomorrow begins the treadmill teardown.  I’m replacing a bearing, possibly the platform board, and adding rubber grommets at each junction to give it a tighter feel.

Eating was good today.  Getting back to my regular eating habits and ignoring the snacks.  I mentioned earlier this week that I’m getting the anger back.  Maybe it’s not anger.  Maybe it’s just a focus that I’m not used to.  It usually comes out with a look of determination that could be interpreted as a ticked-off look.  I just know what needs to get done and I am going to do it.   I’ve made my choices.  It’s time not to go back on them.  It’s time to follow through.

Room for improvement

I am still not much in a writing mode.  I took apart a stereo tonight to work on and the treadmill is just begging me to take it apart and see if I can make it stronger.  My wife thinks it’s junk and I need to prove her wrong as I have no interest in paying for a health club membership or buying a new one until we get 10 years out of this one.  2 more years to go.

This morning I was up early again and got a more intense workout on the exercise bike.  My eating wasn’t the best but it’s getting more in line with where I was before.

A follow-up to yesterday’s post regarding The Biggest Loser.  I read a blog yesterday that mentioned they were sick of the show and how Jillian and Bob treat the contestants.  I gotta say that I disagree with the comments.  We’re seeing just a fraction of what actually is going on and if the contestants are being mistreated, they wouldn’t develop the relationships that they do with Bob and Jillian.  I listened to a show of Jillian’s today and I have a lot of respect for her.  She can kick my butt anytime.

Running again

I felt good this morning on the treadmill.  Started out first pretty slow and got up to a good incline.  Then I wanted to see about doing some smaller sprints.  So I would run 7mph for 2 minutes then 3mph for a minute.  Did that for 20 minutes and felt pretty good.  Very sweaty but good.  I’ll probably pick up the intensity on the exercise bike tomorrow morning.

So busy.  So goodnight.

I need anger

Got up early this morning and got on the bike for 40 minutes.  It wasn’t intense.  I didn’t sweat as much as I had before but I did sweat.  Slowly getting back into this.  The plan is to exercise through Friday and then work around the house during the weekend.  I did some work tonight with getting the sump pump ready to be winterized.  It’s getting cold fast here.  Turned on the furnace tonight.  Hopefully it will kill more mosquitoes so I can enjoy being outside instead of being slowly bled to death.

I went to bed angry last night.  Not at anybody.  Not really at any situation.  I’m just angry.  I need to be angry to start fighting.  To get that determination back.  I’m not done yet and I never will be until I reach my goals.

Speaking of angry….I watched the Biggest Loser tonight.  I do not like Tracey.  She’s crazy.  There are some people who quietly let emotions wear them down, life wears them down and they eat to ease the pain.  Then there are people who sabotage their life and sometimes the lives of people around them.  Tracey feels like that.  She is one sad lady.

Gotta go.  Getting angry.  Time for bed.

One last good day of workouts

Tomorrow I go in for a minor surgery that will lay me up for a week before I can do any kind of exercising so I made it count today.  This morning I got my exercise going 40 minutes on the bike.  I still don’t know why I sweat so much on that thing when my heart rate doesn’t get up that high.  After making my lunch for the day and before taking a shower, my shirt is so wet it feels cold to take it off.

Tonight I got my sprints in outside as part as a 4 mile run.  My body felt pretty tired, gotta remember to sleep more, and with how warm it was I kept the intensity under check.  It was a good workout and glad to get one last run in.

Don’t know what I will do in the morning.  I feel like I need to rest.  I’ve been enjoying a good football game to start the season and up later than usual.  Sorry for not posting much.  Too many things on my mind.

I AM an athlete…..almost!

Another good day.  I woke up early again and got my sprints in.  The cars didn’t slow down so much this morning but gave me space.  I do have one of those head band lights that I could wear to help me see better in the morning and for others see me.  And since I can get them for cheap at my job, I was thinking of getting another one to wear backwards and turn on the red LED’s that come with it.  That way I can be correctly lit.  I may have been lit when I first thought of this.

I might ride the exercise bike just to get rid of some water and help me get to my goal tomorrow.  I’m really close.

Today was the day I donated blood.  This time they asked me to be a 2RSB or something like that where I give 2 units and I get some saline and other stuff back in 1 unit.  I got some good news.  My blood pressure was 105/64.  I looked it up better and I’m almost an athlete! When I first saw that chart, it took me a while to take it in and to realize how far I’ve come.  While I have a ways to go, I am in a healthy shape.  Going in the right direction.  Now to really start to think about playing basketball with the guys this winter.

There has been some discussion with some people about a feeling going around right now.  Everyone is feeling lethargic and has an appetite.  At least that’s how it is up here in northern Minnesota.  I’ve developed a theory.  It’s an animal instinct to slow down the metabolism and store up fat to build a layer for the winter.  It seems that a lot of us are fighting it up here.  But I’m glad I snapped out of it this week.  I got my desire to work out more this week, to get up early and get the most of my workouts.  I actually enjoyed them this week.  I will not accumulate more fat, I’m getting rid of it.  If I’m cold, I’ll wear a sweater……or my black leather jacket that fits so good now.