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I’m really back now.

A switch was turned on today, this morning.  Maybe yesterday.  I knew it was turned on already before I got on the scale this morning and that driven part of me that has been gone for the last few months is back.  I had a 4 pound gain this week.  Embarrassing.  I don’t know why.  But I’m through with it.  I’ve snacked too much at work and ate too late at home.  ENOUGH!!  It’s time to get things reigned in and take control.  This won’t be a trigger for more depression.  This is a new starting point.  I have the same goal in mind and I will not stop until I get there.  Hopefully my computer won’t stop either.

This morning’s exercise was good.  Started on the treadmill at first but was frustrated right away with the noise that I got off and finished the workout on the bike.  Tomorrow begins the treadmill teardown.  I’m replacing a bearing, possibly the platform board, and adding rubber grommets at each junction to give it a tighter feel.

Eating was good today.  Getting back to my regular eating habits and ignoring the snacks.  I mentioned earlier this week that I’m getting the anger back.  Maybe it’s not anger.  Maybe it’s just a focus that I’m not used to.  It usually comes out with a look of determination that could be interpreted as a ticked-off look.  I just know what needs to get done and I am going to do it.   I’ve made my choices.  It’s time not to go back on them.  It’s time to follow through.


Finally, the end of the week.

And a good day.  Today was the first day since the surgery that I went a day without pain medication.   I do not like pain medication.  I don’t like feeling in control and all the other stuff that comes with it.  Yesterday I took the new medication and while it did suppress the pain, by 2 in the afternoon I was so dizzy that I had to go home for the day.  The pain wasn’t so bad today and what a difference to feel more in control.  I’m getting better but promise to take it easy getting back into my routine.

I miss my routine.  My body misses my routine.  I was feeling bad this week about how the pound piled on this week.  Several reasons.  No exercise, especially hurts compared to how much exercise I was doing before.  Metabolism slowed way down.  And then I ate quite a bit more.  The one thing about the medication is that it dulled the pain but it was still there.  In the evening I would not take any medicine because I can’t go to bed with that foggy feeling but to take my mind of the pain, I would eat.  Nothing like I used to, but more than I’m used to.  Another big reason that I just found out about today was that both medications I have been taking can cause constipation.  And boy, did the cucumber I had at work this morning take care of that.  This morning when I weighed myself I had gained 9 lbs over the week.  Unbelievable.  We’ll see what I weigh tomorrow morning after today’s cleansing but I’m debating whether to include this weight in my charts.  I know I’ll lose it in no time, there’s just something holding me back from documenting it.  Thoughts?

This will not be long

I’ve already passed out once from the pain.  Surgery went a little longer than scheduled and it was pretty painful.  The medicine wore out and they still were not halfway done.  Myself and the doctor had to wait 20 minutes there until the medicine kicked back in.  I’m glad I only have to do this once.  When I passed out I was just standing up reading a post on Facebook of a friend who got fired today.  The next thing I know I’m doing a faceplant right into the wall.  I don’t remember anything happening.  All of a sudden my forehead is dragging down the wall in front of me.  I’m confined to the couch for a long time now.

Today weigh in was just what I wanted, 1 pound.  This way I don’t have to proclaim 60 only to fall back a week later.  Today before the surgery, when I got weighed in, we looked at how much I weighed when I was in last 9 months ago.  282.  At least I reached the 60 pound mark in some way.  I’m very happy with how my body is changing.  I love how t-shirts and jeans fit and how they look.  Other people have noticed, getting more compliments and that is something I am grateful for.

Time to lay down.  Have a great weekend.

Not today, not this week.

No weight loss for the week.  My sister is probably right, not enough calories and my body is holding back what it can.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  I had a salad when I got home when instead I should have had a couple of pieces of homemade pizza.  I’m more frustrated about that than I am about not making it to the 60lb mark.

I also gained muscle this week from that new workout and getting the muscle is great.  It’s going to help me lose more weight in the future and I’m really enjoying the shape that my body is taking.  To feel the strength, the tone, the hardness of my body is something I thought I would never experience.  And big picture, I’ve lost 58lbs in 6 months.  So what if it takes another week to get to 60.  I knew it was going to be hard to reach this goal in the first place.  But this is not a failure, it’s a challenge that I’m still working towards.  But does it count if I get there tomorrow?

Leaving today for a long weekend in Omaha.  I hope everyone else has a great weekend.

Lessons Learned – Update – Accomplishment

I made a mistake yesterday.  Not with bad food or not exercising, it was a timing thing.  First of all, I had a strong day yesterday.  Someone had brought in my favorite snack, chips and a homemade cheesy salsa dip with veggies on top and it was across the cube from me all morning.  But right now I’m on a mission to get to 60 in 6 which is next week so I didn’t have any.  That moment pushed me through the rest of the day and I was determined to do a 6 miler last night.  Here is where I learned my lesson.

Several factors need to be known.  Yesterday was my oldest’s birthday and we were going to have family over in the evening so I had to run right after I got home.  Second, my wife made pizza which I love and I got the mind-set that I had to eat that pizza last night.  That is where I really messed up.  I should have forgotten about the pizza last night and had a couple of slices with me for lunch today.   I should have had a peanut butter sandwich before the run and waited a half hour to have energy.  I did none of that.  I had 3 cashews and took off.  The whole run was a struggle.  It was warm and humid out and I couldn’t get my heart rate up to where I wanted it to be.  It averaged around 132/133, not good.  Then my pace was off and it added 5 minutes to my time I had last time.  Just yuck all over.  So then I get home, eat 2 squares of pizza, a half of chicken breast and washed both down with 2 glasses of water.  I could feel right away that this was not a good idea.  It kept me up until 11:30 and I’m still feeling it.  Never again will I set myself up for that.  Not worth it.

That being said, it’s Weigh day and I am down 3lbs this week.  Need to lose 2 more lbs to reach 60lbs in 6 months.  I feel good about it but we’ll see.  I feel my focus and determination turning up a notch and hopefully that will carry me through.

Expectations met – Update.

I have to post early this morning because tonight I’m going to try to take my son out again for the car races.  After eating a quick dinner at home we’re taking off with some friends and won’t be back home til late.  Should be a good time.

Weigh in this morning was about what I expected.  I have a one pound gain for the week.  Big picture, not bad at all.  This might happen more often as I get closer to my goal.  Just need to keep chugging along, chipping away at that weight.  I’ve lost 55lbs so far and that is quite the achievement.  Some things I’m going to work on next week:

  • Bring back the yoga and circuit training.  I have gotten shy about circuit training thinking that it’s going to build too much muscle.  Need to get past that and realize that I need that muscle to burn more calories.
  • SLEEP.  I have not been getting enough sleep.  The effects have been that I’ve lost a little focus at home with exercise and at work.  Also focus with my diet.
  • Time away from the computer.  I’m watching a lot less tv but that time is getting replaced by the computer, looking at blogs and just silly things that are not gaining me anything.

Update:  Thanks to Rob for the suggestion to mix up my cardio.  While I don’t have a stair climber at home I did find something else.  Friday is usually a sprint day but instead of going for speed I put the incline at 10% and then did 10 1 minute sprints of 6mph and then kept the rest time to 1 minute.  It was great and I’m feeling the effort now.  Better go walk around.  Thanks again, Rob!

A nice surprise

Weigh in day and I lost 3lbs for the week.  I think I stepped on  and off the scale about 8 times to make sure it was right.  Have no idea if it’s because I kept light on the food yesterday (and today continuing that) or the quick bike ride last night but I’ll take it.  That’s 56 pounds in 23 weeks and 24 pounds away from my main goal.  Today it hit me how much closer that goal is getting.  I’m going to push myself harder with my diet and realize this is a push to lose weight.  Right now I feel like how I’ve been eating is more of a maintenance diet which has been fine.  I just need to clamp down and look at each piece as part of a bigger picture.  How is this going to affect my journey to that desired weight.  It’s been hard adjusting to but I’m ready for it.

Today’s run was pretty good.  I was very strong with my sprints and went a bit longer as it just felt good.  During my sprints my elbow got caught in the shirt armpit so I’m guessing that’s a good sign that the shirt is a little big.  But I love that shirt.  Someone suggested it’s time to make that one a muscle shirt and I may go that route.  It’s good to have friends that are always thinking.

Now to enjoy the Vikings first pre-season game.  I’ve restricted my diet to allow for some chips and salsa but going to ration out how many chips to have instead of bringing the bag along with me.  I love football.