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Quick post

This will be the only time I get a chance to write today as tonight I will be away with my son.  Weigh day today and I lost 2lbs for the week.  Not excited about it but maybe that’s just because I’m tired.  One problem I’ve noticed is that I’m content about where I’m at with my weight loss or the weight at where I am at now.  I feel comfortable here and that’s scary.


Let’s go push some cows around

Not many people know this but cows can provide great exercise.  If you are looking to get some cardio, go out in the pasture and do some one on one herding.  There you will work on your lateral movement as you go from side to side trying to direct the cow and then sprinting to beat a cow to a certain spot.  If that one cow gets tired, go find another.  You’ll find them off in one group as they are watching you chase around one of their friends.  Now don’t scare the cows so they’re terrified of you when you enter the pasture.  No yelling is a very important rule.  After a few runs they will learn to appreciate the game and have fun with it.

The other exercise is cow pushing.  You’ll want to find some older cows this as they won’t run away from you and they provide great resistance as older cows are a bit more stubborn.  Now what I’ve found best is trying to herd the cow into a cattle trailer to move them to another pasture.  There is usually a narrow cattle shoot (no, not the gun type of shoot)  involved which makes it hard for them to get away.  The exercise is to push the cow into the trailer with your shoulder.  If you are lucky, you’ll get a cow that is very stubborn and will dig her front hoofs in the ground creating great resistance.  Be careful not to raise the cow too high off the ground as it may hurt both yours and the cow’s backs.  Also be very careful to avoid ‘accidents’ if the cow thinks that will give her an advantage.  These cows are very smart creatures and will take any advantage they can find.

So why am I doing the cow talk?  I feel so strong today, so young and these were things I did as a teenager.  Not a daily thing but something that I enjoyed.  I remember laughing while running to catch a runaway calf who was kicking up it’s heels enjoying it’s new found freedom.  I do remember that  feeling of pushing that cow into the trailer and feeling my strength (and stubbornness) matched against hers.  My body held itself differently today.  I had a great workout last night on the exercise bike.  I aimed at keeping my heart rate between 130 and 140 for 30 minutes with a good warm up and cool down afterwards.  Once again I pushed my limits of endurance and felt great although my t-shirt was drenched again.  This morning I woke up late but figured out a way to get a full workout in.  I ate half a protein bar and then got going.  What I usually do on my morning (takes me 3 miles for the whole thing) is warm up for the first half mile, do my sprints over the next mile, job back for the rest except for the last 1/8th mile where I cool down.  This time I jogged that first 1.5 miles and did my sprints on the way back which really helped my body get loosened and warmed up for the sprint.  The sprints were great.  Same thing I did on Wednesday.  6 reps that are twice the distance per rep that I have been doing.  I felt much stronger (there’s that word again) this time versus Wednesday so I think this is my new sprint routine.  RobFitness asked me is this I always ran.  Not at all.  When I first started losing weight I was stuck on the treadmill because I couldn’t do much time at anything over 3.5 miles an hour.  I focused more on the incline and carrying weights.  When I felt I wanted to try pushing myself a bit, I would try to see what I could do.  I learned about the sprints, HIIT, from my aunt Grace and have enjoyed that.  The sprints actually helped me develop better muscle in my legs which helped me increase my running distances.  I just enjoy pushing myself and seeing what this body can do.

Lastly, today is weight day and I have no weight loss for the week.  It really didn’t bother me as I understood that my body was really adjusting this week.  I had a hard time getting to sleep as I was feeling how it has changed, especially around my torso.  Today kinda confirmed that as the compliments were quite frequent.  It just was a good day.  I know I’m still on course and look forward to striving for that goal for Labor Day weekend.

Almost to 50

Today’s weigh-in showed a 2lb loss for the week for a total of f 48lbs in 19 weeks.  The 50lb mark is so close I can feel it (taste it would not be appropriate).    It was a good week and the last few days I’ve just felt thin.  I’m in territory that is so foreign to me but I’m loving it.  Today for casual day I wore my jeans that I bought a few months ago but I had to take them off right away to make sure I had the right ones on.  These were so tight on me and now they are too big.   It’s hard to buy new jeans that will likely need to be replaced in a few months as I keep this going.  Not if I keep this going, as I keep it going.  I think the thing to do is to buy some slacks for the normal work days and live with the jeans a little bit longer.

Workout was good this morning.  10 sprints are now the norm.  I realize that I run faster outside than the fastest speed the treadmill can offer which is why it wears me out more when I’m outside.  Another reason to love the outdoors.  Tonight I didn’t get home right away so yoga will have to be a little bit later.  Still too sore to do a circuit training.   I plan to hit the 6 mile run early tomorrow morning with the dog and then do my circuit training later in the afternoon.  The county fair is in town so my wife wants to take the kids tomorrow afternoon and then we have friends coming over tomorrow night for homemade pizza and a night of Wii.  Should be a blast.

I’m not done yet

This is my motto.  Every time I have a good work, I say this.  Every time I have a good weigh in, I say this.  Every time I have a not so good weigh in (this week no weight lost), I say this.  Every time I’m tempted by food, I say this.  Every time I get a compliment, I say this.  I am not done yet.  I’ve made a lot of progress and feel great about that, but I’m not done yet.  I have not reached my main goal, it’s still more the 30 pounds away.  I’m not done yet.  For me that saying is positive.  It says I have done something but that I have more to do, and I know I can do it.  I’ve proven that I can.  I know I can.  I’m not done yet.

Yesterday was my weigh in day and no weight loss this week.  It didn’t bother me because I’m really into the big picture mood.  I also had a ah-ha moment this morning.  Yesterday was my day off from exercising and for some reason I saw a positive difference on the scale this morning.  I can’t be scared to take that day off (usually Thursday) before my Friday weigh in day.  It’s good for the body to rest.  Now to hit it hard today.

A little update before going to the cabin

Today is my official weigh day for the week.  I was going to use yesterday’s weight if nothing changed or it jumped back up.  It didn’t.  One more pound went off.  Feel so good.

Had an interesting conversation with my hair cut lady yesterday.  She said she doesn’t know how I can lose anymore weight.  She thinks my eyes will look too sunken in and that I will look like nothing.  This is strange because she’s so skinny.  I think what happens is some people get used to how you look at a certain weight and it’s hard to see you getting skinnier.  It’s too much change.  Another conversation I had with someone at work is how bad she feels about her weight when she sees it coming off of me like it has.  I feel a little sorry for her because she has really bad hips so exercise doesn’t come that easy for her to do but she and her husband do not make wise decisions when it comes to eating either.  It may be the thinking that it’s too hard has creeped in which shows that their just not ready to make that change for the better.  It’s sad but hopefully they’ll come to that realization someday that things can be better with a little work.

“I think it moved…..”

I loved Seinfeld and how the actors portrayed their characters.  That one line from George said everything about the moment he was in, the back rub from the Swedish masseuse, a man.  Today I can say the same thing but in an entirely different context.  My scale finally moved today and I have met my goal!  45lbs and tomorrow I get to see my family to celebrate!  I can’t believe I went down 2lbs after yesterday.  No workout, great eating but I had yogurt with granola right before I went to bed.  Not the greatest thing in the world to do but it doesn’t seem to matter, not this time anyway.  I have lost 45lbs!  What is that movie that Mel Gibson was in about Scotland?  Braveheart.  That one final scene when he yells out freedom.  This moment feels like a cross of that and when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.   Ok, maybe this is not that dramatic or moving of an event but it is what my heart cries out as these pounds came off and I broke through my own personal wall.

Alright, that’s enough.  I need to go oil the treadmill and get a HIIT workout before the holiday weekend.   Everybody have a great weekend!

Another first but not so great

I got on the scale this morning and it read 235, nothing lost for the week.  It wasn’t a surprise, this week was a break from the normal with eating out for last weekend’s anniversary and still letting my back get into shape.  I know it’s going to be that much harder to get to that 233 goal that I set for next week but I’m going to give it my best shot.  I do know my body is still changing, getting smaller.  Today several people said that I look great.  The compliments are nice but……….it’s so hard to be patient.